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Winter can present itself with a myriad of problems for a pinup gal. If you are like me and don’t own a car, therefore needing to walk or catch public transport everywhere, then you’ll know the struggle of being in your pinup best while battling the rain. Umbrella’s only do so much and there’s no way you’ll see me in a poncho. Just nope.

So, I was so happy to find Elements Rainwear a few months back through the lovely NoraFinds. They really looked like the perfect option and I thought it was fabulous that I could buy a full skirt, long length raincoat!

Since there is such a long list of options on the drop-down menu, but the colours aren’t all represented visually on the website, I inquired about being sent some swatches.  The team was very helpful and a few days later I was able to flick through and decide on the Natural Semi-Transparent PU. I much preferred the more matte look of the PU over the PVC.

So, I ordered placed a order for the Romantica Raincoat since it’s the most 50s silhouette. Upon making your selection, you can choose to add a collar instead of the hood but I opted to keep the hood for extra hair protection.

The Semi-Transparent PU has a nice thickness and weight to it, so it holds it shape well. I went with a size large which was recommended to me by customer service after I gave them my measurements (37″ bust, 27″ waist). The fit is good, it’s quite roomy in the waist but the tie takes care of that. I find the sleeves just that little too tight for me to be able to pull it on over my thick Pearl Coat with ease which is a bit of a shame, I’m not sure if going up a size might help or not. I can get it on and off, it’s just a very tight fit!

The length is good for most of my dresses although this would be great aspect to be able to customize- another couple of inches on the hem wouldn’t go amiss just to be safe! I also would have really loved pockets but due to the nature of the semi-transparent material, I can see why that might not look so great.

Overall, I’m really happy with the quality of this raincoat. If you are looking to get one, don’t be afraid to size up as it doesn’t matter if it’s a little baggy in places and means you can comfortably fit multiple layers.

When I had placed my order for Natural Romantica Coat, I was offered another complimentary style. Since I had the swatches as a reference, I chose this Violet Semi-Transparent PU in the same style, but this time with the collar as a point of difference. This PU is thinner and doesn’t have the same stiffness as the other one so falls a little differently. It also wrinkles much, much more and I’m not really sure how to get them out!

But the colour is so fun and really makes a rainwear fashion statement! It fits very similar but the material has a slight stretch to it so it’s potentially better with more layers.

Elements Rainwear is mostly made to order so you might have to wait a few weeks. Prices for the Romantica Raincoat vary depending on your material selection but it looks like they are between £60 and £72.

Another one of their styles I also quite like is the Skirted Coat, a double-breasted trench. It has the same full skirt but with a double breasted lapel instead.

These are a great wardrobe staple and something that will last you years and years. I’ve made sure to pack it when I’m travelling so that any rain doesn’t dampen our sightseeing, although I’ve been lucky enough not to need it… yet!

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Disclaimer: Whilst the Violet Romantica Raincoat was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honest of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. Im very surprised that you’re able to fit a raincoat over the pearl. I never would have even thought of trying. Doesn’t the collar get squished? I live in a very wet country too and am constantly worried about ruining my pearl coat, especially about my pink hair bleeding over it in the rain. If you ever have the time I would super appreciate a picture over this over the pearl coat.

    • I’m surprised you even wear your Pearl Coats at such temperatures, because if it rains, it has to warmer than 0 degrees and that would be too warm for me to wear my Pearl coat. It’s such a thick warm material that I can’t wear it if it’s above -5 Celcius degrees outside, especially if I intend to wear a cardigan underneath. Maybe it’s because we don’t have those killing wet winds like UK has, but I’d still die of sweating if I even tried to put a raincoat over my lovely Pearl :O I’ll save it for the days when it’s cold and enjoy the sweet warmth <3

      I could totally use those raincoats in the autumn over my trenchcoats and who knows maybe they would work over my Hell Bunny coats as well. 🙂

  2. I was lucky enough to get one of these from my brother for my birthday, I got the see through white polka dot version I love it but yes tight in the arms with layers. It’ll be helpful in spring when its a little warmer but still showers.

  3. To help get the wrinkles out of your violet raincoat, perhaps put it on a hanger and go over it with a hair dryer on a warm setting? Might pay to test it on a small patch first.The raincoats are such a great find 🙂

    • Haha no way! I knew you had the clear since that’s how I found out about them but I didn’t know you had the violet! Pinup TWWWWINNNS <3

  4. Would you say it keeps you warm? I’m planning a winter trip to Europe next year and I’m wondering if I could get away with heavy sweaters and a rain coat.

    • It’s just plastic so it will help against wind but it isn’t going to provide warmth like a coat will. Depending on where in Europe you are going, you were better off just taking a coat to be safe, it can get very cold!

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have a dryer so I can’t try that but I think the wrinkles have lessened slightly after hanging it up for a few weeks 🙂

  5. What a cute idea! Melbourne is notorious for bad weather, and it’s hard to keep my hair and clothes dry when I am toting around two little ones. This might be a good option!
    xo Miss Betty Doll

  6. Hello Miss Violet!
    I have to start by admitting that I have only just “discovered” you through the Elements Rainwear Facebook page.

    – – – Wow, a Pin Up Lady of the highest order for sure!!  🙂

    You look simply stunning in your white Romantica raincoat. I hope your article and images encourage others to follow suit and start wearing these raincoats this Spring and Summer. How lovely that would be. – The styling is spot on, perfection in fact!!!

    You are right about the PU material (Thermoplastic Polyurethane film in full – TPU) in being a little stiffer and offering more structure than PVC so it does hang better, particularly important for your style of dress. Importantly it is also much stronger than PVC and free from plasticizers too so Eco friendly.  Arguably the price premium makes it just that bit more exclusive.

    I really hope to see more images of you wearing Elements PU raincoats – they work so well with your vintage style. Lets hope the theme catches on out there!!

    Your new fan


    PS – No, I have no connections with Elements, other than liking what they do.

  7. It’s such a shame you can’t buy this type of raincoat in high street stores. All that fizzled out decades ago, but it’s good to keep nostalgia alive. The full skirted raincoats are lovely, swishy and feminine, and best, in my opinion with a collar which can be worn up or down and with a matching rain scarf or patterned rain bonnet. It would be so lovely to see these coats worn on the street, we need the stores to wake up, sorry Elements still keep up the good work, Steph!

  8. You don’t have to pay the earth to get a similar look. I bought from the off the shelf section, a white NAT1 soft white raincoat and one in the heavier gauge vinyl in pink with polka dots. They are button through, attached hood and belt both in the largest size and have a matching headscarf for around GBP 27 each. The advantage of the roomy size is that they will flare out nicely over a swing / retro dress. The transparency of the material allows for black glossy PU leggings or the same in a short black glossy vinyl skirt if you dare!
    Press studs with garments like the Romantica can be an issue with thin vinyl owing to pressure points, buttons can tear as well. At the cheaper price, Steph would say look chic for less!

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