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What Katie Did Glamour Seamed Stockings

As a gal with rather well-endowed thighs, wearing stockings or even pantyshose has never been straightforward. All too often I’ll buy pantyhose or tights and they just won’t come up high enough or get over the biggest part of my thighs. And I’ve wasted countless dollars on stockings like the Leg Avenue ‘Opera’ sizes only to have them cut me in half like a sausage.
I love the authentic look of seamed stockings and the extra bit of glamour it provides but it’s only recently that I’ve started recently wearing them regularly.

This is mainly in part due to the new revised version of the What Katie Did Glamour Seamed Stockings. They have always been a favorite of mine, I found that they suit the curvy shape more than a lot of the other stockings I’ve tried. A few years ago I featured them in one of my most popular ever blog posts – ‘Stockings for Curvy Thighs‘, and now that What Katie Did have widened the welt, they are even better!

Earlier in 2016 saw the release of their new coloured contrast seams and when shopping at the London Boutique, I decided to buy a Green pair for myself. After getting home and trying them, I immediately jumped online to purchase the Blue too as I was so happy with how they fitted! Now I have the most if not all of the collection and I’m super excited to see what colours will be coming out next.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these stockings, they are a modern take on traditional fully fashioned seamed stockings. They are made of a nylon/elastane blend and feature a contrast footbed, seam and welt. They have a lot of stretch but don’t cut into your thighs in the same way that elasticated thigh-highs do. The new wider welt is great news for those of us that do have bigger thighs as I find it further minimizes any ‘overflow’ and they seem to stay in place a lot better too. The welt fits a little tighter on first wear, but once they’ve been worn in, I find the fit improves even more.

These stockings come in two sizes – the S/M and M/L. When choosing your size, it’s not just the shape or width of your legs that you need to consider but also your height. I’m not particularly tall but neither am I short but I still go for the M/L as I like to wear my stockings higher. The good thing about these stockings having stretch is that when they start to move down my thigh when walking (which they sometimes do), I don’t get saggy ankles like fully fashioned ones give. I feel like the What Katie Did Glamour Stockings are a little bit more forgiving in the size department.
For reference, I am 170cm and the widest part of my thigh is about 26-27″ in circumference.

The What Katie Did Glamour Seamed Stockings currently come in 9 colours – Black, Contrast Black, Grey, Latte, Coffee, Red, Claret, Green and Blue. There’s been hints at new summer colours in the works and I’m really hoping for a pink and a purple!

For these photos, I’ve paired the stockings with the Black Liz Knickers and Liz Suspender Belt. The peach set is the Harlow Nouveau Knickers and Harlow Girdlette – both these sets have a nice amount of stretch to the fabric which I always find more comfortable than satins or non-stretch materials. The Liz Knickers are my new favorite thanks to them coming right up to the small of my waist and the ample bottom coverage! I’m wearing a size 16 in both pairs of knickers and size 12 for both suspender belts.

If you have been wanting to try wearing stockings but aren’t sure of sizing, the Glamour Seamed Stockings are a great place to start. At £10 a pair, they are a lot more affordable than their fully fashioned counterparts and I find them to be a little bit more hard wearing too. So far I’ve only snagged one pair! For these photos, I’ve worn the suspender belts over the knickers but on a day-to-day basis I would wear them the opposite way around so that it makes going to the bathroom less fuss, and less opportunity to tear a hole in one!

Have you tried the What Katie Did Glamour Seamed Stockings yet? What would be your dream colour to see in the future?

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Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me, all opinions are honest and my own. The integrity of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. Thanks for this great review! And wearing the suspender belt UNDER underwear – genius! Why have I never thought of that??

  2. Thanks for the blog… Have been contemplating the WKD seamed stockings, but was never too sure about the leg sizing. I love the claret and the coffee (brown) colours. May need to give them a whirl …

  3. Purple! My absolute favorite color, keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for this review. I had no idea there were so many colors already available, and a wider welt is always welcome. I am also pleasantly surprised at the price. As always you have provided golden information! I envy that you are right there in London so close to all the glamorous shops.

  4. This is such a great post – thank you. I have noticed that the sizing of these works really well for me, and I love the colours – I have had red seams before but I adore these burgundy ones. Although I tend to be more a tights woman for every day and then jump to fully-fashioned stockings for special occasions, this range has definitely meant more stockings for every day! Kx

    • Me too! I’m elated. I’m 5’2 and “generous of thigh” — my legs are shaped like drumsticks, to be honest. Wider circumference, wider welt, yes, all so welcome. I wear (or try to, anyway) seams at home for my hubby [ahem], but I absolutely could not wear them out of the house–I dress very conservatively and despise drawing attention to myself in any way. Do their RHTs without seams have the same generous fit, do we know? I also love that these come in a nude–one of the other sites with excellent quality offers beige, at the lightest, and it’s just darker than I prefer. I love batting this topic about with the girls! Any input would be most welcome. Hugs from the U.S.!

  5. My first ever stockings where from What Katie Did and I love them. I have the quite basic nude with black seam, which works with many outfits and then I have the very subtle nude with pink seam and my newest stockings have burgundy seams 🙂 They were so nice in the autumn, but sadly I couldn’t wear them for very long, because it got too cold to wear stockings. If the temperature rises above 0 Celcius I’ll definitely start wearing stockings again, because it’s so much easier than having to adjust my tights all the time. My WKD stockings are size M/L (I’m 172cm) and they’re a little too roomy for my thighs, but as I like my stockings high rise like you, it’s much better than straining smaller ones too much and risking them breaking.

    I’ve also always worn my suspender belt under my panties, if I’m not wearing a waist cincher with removable suspender straps. I have a couple of those, but I think a separate suspender belt is more reliable. Last autumn I was wearing stockings with a waist cincher when one of the removable straps decided to remove itself and left my other stocking hanging on only one strap (it was a 4 strap cincher). I feared that the other one would fall off too before I made it to the restroom, but even though I was in time I haven’t used the suspender straps on that cincher anymore. I always have a separate suspender belt with 6 straps to stop this from happening again. It’s much more secure 🙂

  6. Hi! Maybe i little off-topic, but what’s your experience with their panties? I think they’re gorgeous but am a little bit hesistant to get a pair since it feels like they may “dig in” and create an unflattering VPL. Great post 🙂

    • I struggle a lot with getting pants to fit well and flatter. I tried the older Harlow style and found they fitted nicely but did slightly dig in- apparently the nouveau Harlow is a lot higher waisted and minimises this issue.
      I’d love a review of pants actually as this is the area that I struggle with a lot! So much so that I just wear comfortable, supermarket brand stretch pants with all my posh WKD sets!

  7. Dear Miss VV,

    I just want to say that you are and have been such an inspiration. Your style, body shape and attitude just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. In time, I hope to capture a mere percentage of your look and vibe and give it my own twist.

    A genuine admirer, of a beautiful girl.

    With thanks,

    Sophie (a trans girl)

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