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I’m so excited to finally be sharing today’s post! I did this photoshoot with The Undefined Photography months and months ago, just before I moved over to the UK but I’ve been saving it for the depths of winter.

When I was contemplating the English winter ahead of me, I wanted to treat myself to a custom winter coat in a fabulous colour! Over the past few years, the coat selection in the pinup/vintage world has got better and better but they do still tend to be more muted tones. I wanted something bright and cheerful that would vanish any winter blues.

I called upon the wonderful CurvyCouture by Judy Dee who’s made several custom pieces for me now and sent her a photo of my dream coat design – inspired by Mary Poppins! The design isn’t quite the same as the one in the original movie, instead I loved the one from the stage show which I’d gone to years prior.

Next, we had to find a suitable material and colour. I was pretty set on wanting a wool since I knew it would need to be as toasty as possible. However, finding bright wool’s certainly isn’t a easy task! We talked about green, pink or purple and ended up going with the latter after Judy found this colour at her local fabric wholesalers.

I wanted every detail the same as the reference picture so off to work Judy went and a few weeks later it arrived on my doorstep! It was just how I imagined it, absolutely glorious and weighing a ton!

The skirt has a wonderful sweep to it, is fully lined, features black velvet details and big pockets. The length is true to the original inspiration so is rather dramatic, however I am considering having it hemmed 6″ or so as it’s just a bit too long at times, especially when I’m not wearing heels.

Full Outfit Details
Hat | Vintage from Tock Tick Vintage
Belt | The Pretty Dress Company
Shoes | Pinup Girl Clothing
Gloves | Vintage
Earrings | Lovisa

I miss not having Judy close to be able to get custom pieces made as she never failed to hit the mark. Plus, she’s just a lovely person!  Follow her on Facebook and send her a message if you’d like a custom creation of your own.

A big thank you to Katherine of The Undefined Photography for this gorgeous set of photos! Katherine not only is a talented photographer but she also has her very own fashion blog, The Wardrobe, full of stunning pictures and adorable outfits.

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  1. WOW!! This coat is to die for!!! What a fabulous outfit for winter! I would actually love to see the inspiration for the coat along side it! As of course, I love to see the design process!

    Evelyn xx

    • Thanks Evelyn! If you click on the links highlighted in the paragraph where I talk about the inspiration, it takes you do pictures of it 🙂 x

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