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Having come from a city that experiences reasonably mild winters, I’ve managed to so far avoid wearing boots with my vintage attire. It’s just something that I’ve never really liked the idea of! But, the English winter has meant that I’ve had to get over my aversion and sort out my footwear for the sake of warm feet!

I knew that I wanted to have something with a heel to ensure I still feel as glam as possible. I also knew that I preferred the lace up look and a ankle style would probably work best with my swing skirts over something that came up higher. The B.A.I.T Footwear Haku Boots seemed like they’d fit the bill pretty perfectly and when the lovely team offered me to try a pair, I was over the moon!

I’ve got a rather extensive collection of B.A.I.T Footwear shoes and in most, I’m a 8.5. However, for the Haku Boot, customer service advised that it would be best to size up to a 9 (which is what I take in the Ida Heel), especially if I plan on wanting to wear thicker socks or tights. You’ll notice that the toe shape of the Haku is very similar to that of the Ida and Heda (I size up in both these styles) so it seems to me that it’s best to try going up that half size in B.A.I.T when the toe is shaped like this.

I was asked recently on Instagram if I felt like they had stretched at all and I have to say I haven’t noticed much although I’m sure the material has some small amount of give.

The 9 is a really good fit, it doesn’t feel too big at all and there is sufficient room to wear a pair of socks. I found that I needed to loosen the laces slightly before being able to get them on and am so thankful for the side zip – it would have been such a hassle had it not been for that!

The heel on the Haku is 3″ which is the max I would have wanted it to be, but I have no trouble walking around for a day in London in these. I do find that my toes get a little sore sometimes after a while if I’m wearing thick socks but that’s mainly due to my wide feet and the shape of the shoe. It’s not unbearable and it’s something I’m pretty used to.

These boots aren’t real leather but I’ve walked in the rain (and the snow) and still had dry feet so they have quickly become my go-to winter shoe!

The Haku Boots are US$78, available in sizes 6-11 and also comes in several other colours including a glitter and a knee height style called the Hazel. Black was a essential choice for me, I knew that would be the colour I would get the most wear out of but I do so love the Mustard colour too! Take a look at the full range of boots from B.A.I.T Footwear here.

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Disclaimer: Whilst these boots were gifted to me, I never accept anything I do not truly love. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. Lovely lovely boots.Thank you very much for your posts,I find them very usefull.Specially I really appreciate that you share your advice for winter outfits as we have very very cold winters here in Finland,but even so I want to look like lady.So thank you so much again.

  2. I am so in love with these boots – your review sounds just like how I feel! My toes get a bit sore as well with thick socks or after walking around a ton, but generally they are very comfortable, keep my feet dry, and I can wear them for hours! I wear them in size 9 as well!

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