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Towards the end of December, Matt and I went along to Winter Wonderland which has been going for 10 years and takes place in Hyde Park here in London. We’d heard people talk about it constantly in the lead up to the winter season but we were totally blown away when we got there!

Being from a small country like New Zealand, we just aren’t used to the grand scale of things here in the UK – We weren’t expecting it to be small but we certainly were not anticipating the magnitude of the event! It was huge and there were full, big carnival rides, not just the tame ones.

We had a absolute blast and our only regrets were that we hadn’t gone earlier in the month so we would’ve had the opportunity to go again and that we didn’t have a bigger budget. Everything was very expensive (I don’t know how families do it!) so we will be making sure to save up next December specifically for spending at Winter Wonderland!

We took along the GoPro to film what we got up to and the general atmosphere- You can get a idea of the scale of the park from some of the aerial shots while we were on one of the rides (note poor Matt’s uncomfortableness, he doesn’t really like the slow, high ones haha!).

Watch the video here –

I hope you also got up to some fun, festive stuff during the Christmas season! I’m pretty sad it’s all over but already looking forward to the end of the year so we can do it all again!

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