My Year In Outfits 2016!

Another year, another outfit round-up! This time around, it was even more nostalgic to look back at some of these outfits as a lot of what’s featured here I had to leave behind or sell when I moved from New Zealand to the UK in August!
But it’s been a great year full of excitement, major life changes, a couple of hair colour changes, international travel and I think even a growth in my style. I’ve had to learn how to seriously bundle up for the winter while still maintaining the vintage look and be a bit more practical  with my shoe choices now that I take the London public transport.

Happy New Year, may 2017 be a fabulous one!

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  1. There is no colour that you don’t look incredible in! What a roundup. I love seeing how you pair separates or accessorise dresses, you are an endless source of inspiration. Gorgeous as always, can’t wait for 2017!

  2. Oh my goodness! There are just so many beautiful outfits I can’t even name a top 5! Wishing you a happy new year and may you continue to be even more beautiful each week in 2017!

    Lot’s of love,
    Leesh xx

  3. Thank you very much of this wonderfull blog.I have resently found this gorgerous world of vintage lifestyle.And need lots of help were to find shoes and dresses,Im so happy I find this place .More advices I need of winter wearing,shoes and clothes,it’s very difficult find outfits that is warm and at the same time beatyfull.I’m sorry my poor english,im from Finland.

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