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A Vintage Girls Winter Essentials

Since moving to London and facing a true winter (well compared to Auckland anyway!), I’ve had to really adapt my style to suit the colder temperatures! Where I’m from in New Zealand, it doesn’t get super cold in winter, the lowest average being 11 degrees (celsius) in the coldest month of July. Last year I managed to only wear sheer nude tights all winter, mainly thanks to the fact that I was never out in the weather that much day-to-day since I owned a car.

All of that has changed now! Relying on the trains and underground, I have to do a lot more walking in the weather so I now feel the need for items with both warmth and practicality.

So here are my winter essentials and tips for keeping warm with style!

1. Layer up darling!

You are going to have to start really layering! Depending on how cold it gets where you are, you may need to start adding thermals underneath your outfits. Get a range of different long sleeved thermal tops, some with scoop and some higher necked so you have options with different necklines.

For the bottom half, I highly recommend finding fleece lined tights like the HeatGen ones from Marks and Spencer. They are basically leggings but with the feet too and are 180 denier. When it’s really cold, I layer cashmere or wool tights from Calzedonia over the top for added warmth or if I want to wear a colour other than black.

2. Cardigans, cardigans & more cardigans!

You’ll also want a variety of cardigans, the thicker the better! I basically live in my Emmy Designs ones but unfortunately a lot of this season’s styles are now sold out in most sizes. The Ains & Elke Stylehaus Sweaters are also really nice and thick if you’d prefer that over a cardigan (I’m patiently waiting for them to branch out into cardigans!)

3. Protect your outfit!

It’s a little hard to be water proof when wearing a glam coat! However, Elements Rainwear have the perfect solution – The Romantica Coat is a long, swing skirted coat with the option for a hood and the clear PU material means it’s not only waterproof but also doesn’t completely cover up your gorgeous outfit! Read my full review here.

4. Mold beware!

I’ve gone from one damp country to another and having a dehumidifier this winter has really been a life saver. After seeing some signs of mold growth on our windowsills, I promptly ordered a unit and now have it running for a few hours every day with no signs of mold returning. Especially if you have a lot of clothes crammed into a wardrobe (like me!), a dehumidifier is a must!
I also have a few of these boxes scattered around to extra safety, they aren’t expensive (I got mine from Poundland) but do need to be replaced every 2-3 months once they fill up.

5. Crowning glory!

When you spend precious time doing your hair and makeup, you don’t want to step outside and have the wind and the rain destroy it within minutes, do you? Grab yourself a Bonnit for ultimate 1950s style and protection. The great thing about these is that they can be stashed in your handbag easily for those days when clouds are threatening and you just never know if a downpour is about to strike…

6. Toasty toes!

Next, you’ll need boots to keep your feet toasty! This is a little tricky to get right with the vintage style but look for lace up styles with a small heel. My favorites are the BAIT Haku (review here) but Miss L Fire and Timberland also have styles that work with the 40s & 50s era. If your take on the vintage style is a little more alternative then try adding Doc’s to your outfit!

7. Luscious lips!

The cold chill of winter and quick changes in temperatures when going from the warm indoors to the freezing outdoors can wreck havoc on your skin and especially lips! I find myself ditching the matte lippys and reaching for more moisturizing ones like the Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme range. If your lips need a little extra attention then I swear by Vaseline Aloe Lip Therapy at night.

8. Stay dry!

Winter means rain and rain isn’t good for anything style-wise. I never leave the house without my Blunt Umbrella if I know rain is even a small possibility and the New Zealand made technology is really quite clever. The large ones are designed to withstand gale force winds without turning inside out, but I stick with the smaller Metro style which is easier to carry around.
Also checkout Umbrella Heaven for the most fun designs that are sure to brighten up any rainy day!

9. Vive le beret!

For those days when you want a toasty head without having to wear a beanie! I’ve recently started wearing Beret’s more after purchasing one in the freezing temperatures of Prague and not only do they look cute, but they really do help keep your head warm! Vivien of Holloway and Revival Retro both have a range of Berets and you can also easily find them online or at markets in a multitude of colours.

10. Cozy up in a Coat!

Nicole Engelmann Photography

A good winter coat (or several) is a must and invest in one that also makes you feel glamorous as you’ll be wearing it A LOT! Collectif Clothing always have a wonderful range of coats including the very popular Pearl Coat. Hell Bunny also have some great styles and you can often snag some beautiful coats in vintage shops.

What is your number one essential for winter?

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  1. I love my Emmy Design coat – it’s the winter wonderland in brown with a fur collar. Expensive, but made to withstand a Swedish winter so it’s much warmer than most of the reproduction brand coats. Well worth the money!

  2. Love this post! I’m in the states (Chicago), we have notoriously bad winters. I always sacrifice wearing vintage looks for practicality :/ these tips are great, especially since I find a lot of the vintage inspired designs are made in warm-weather locations, which means more summery looks that I need to tone down for winter with sweaters, tights etc. Keep these cold weather tips coming, love it!

  3. I just keep reading this post over and over again,I just love all those very practical tips .I love this Kind of posts and need more of these! Like forexamble what to wear underneath of all , and tips and photos too how to wear all those layers of clothes so that your outfit still look nice without that covering coat too.I live in cold Finland and these posts are really really helpfull! Thank you❤!

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