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A couple of weeks ago, David Fisk Photography and I had the opportunity to shoot at the fabulous Cahoots here in London. For those of you who haven’t heard about this incredible bar, it’s situated underground in one of the old stations in Kingly Court. From the outside, it’s easy to pass it by and never know of it’s existence but once downstairs, you are fully immersed in 1940s wartime décor, music and atmosphere.

The extensive bar menu is printed on a old style newspaper and each cocktail is presented with such flair – some even arrive in teacups! With every nook and cranny of Cahoots completely to theme, David and I had a wonderful time picking spots to use as a backdrop. I put together a fun little  ‘Behind The Scenes’ video over on my YouTube Channel to show you all how epic Cahoots really is and as a preview for the outfits we shot for the blog.

Watch it here-


I’ve already posted one the blog for one of the outfits featured in this video, The House of Foxy Americana Jacket, Whirlaway Skirt and Pussy Bow Blouse which you can read here. Stay tuned for the Livingston 50s Dress by Hell Bunny and Geneva-Gia by Miss Candyfloss which will be posted soon.

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  1. It does say it is private. But if everyone goes directly to your youtube site they can watch it there. It is worth it as it is beautifully done.

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