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Erstwilder Ocean Vibes

It’s that time again… new Erstwilder time!

I was particularly excited about the launch of the Ocean Vibes collection as I’ve always loved the sea. Growing up in New Zealand, you are never far from a beach and up until I was age 11, my Grandfather owned a Bach (beach house for those non-kiwi readers) that was right on the waterfront of the Hibiscus Coast. We literally walked out the door, down the grassy sand bank and onto the beach. I have so many fond memories of spending entire days in the ocean, falling asleep to the sound of the waves, exploring the rock pools and even spying pods of dolphins.

Ocean Vibes by Erstwilder features the signature caricuture animals we’ve come to know and love, like ‘Here’s Brucey‘ the Great White Shark and ‘Octavious The Octo-Scribe‘ – a moustached, quill and ink wielding octopus! There’s also representation to the more mythical with ‘Seaside Manor‘ and of course some nautical nods to the sea-farers.

I was lucky enough to preview Ocean Vibes and pick out my 4 favorites to share with you. First up- Treasure Within. This delightful clam shell with it’s precious pearl really evoked all my The Little Mermaid dreams. If you grew up in the 90s like me then you’ll no doubt have been just as obsessed with this movie as I was. The purple and turquoise colour combo of Treasure Within reminded me a lot of Ariel’s fin + clam shell attire and with them being favorite colours of mine anyway, well I simply couldn’t resist.

Treasure Within | AUS$34.95

Helm and Home caught my eye because of the classic symbolism and simplicity of the design. The bright blue and red against the ships wheel is so eye catching and I felt like as the wife of a boat builder and owner of a small yacht back in New Zealand, it was more than appropriate to own this piece.

Helm and Home | AUS$34.95

Going back to The Little Mermaid vibes, how the heck could I pass up the Saltwater Wisdom earrings? Firstly, they’re the prettiest violet colour, and we all know how I feel about purples. Secondly, they are pretty much Ariels clam shell bra in earring form and thirdly, the pearls are just sooo cute! I think Erstwilder really nailed the size too, they are neither too petite or too overwhelming in size.
Get your Dinglehopper at the ready for all The Little Mermaid realness!

Saltwater Wisdom | AUS$29.95

Finally, I love a little caricature pinup and Ahoy Sailors is so sweet. With her raven hair and red lips, what I actually love most about her is the way they’ve done her eyes. It feels really true to the animation of the 40s and 50s (although I’m no expert) and she’s got that sassy side-eye down pat.

Ahoy Sailors | AUS$34.95

Just a reminder that you can get free shipping within Australia for orders over AUS$80 and internationally for orders over AUS$150.

Which is your favourite from the new Ocean Vibes Collection by Erstwilder?

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  1. My two favs were the same as yours, Helm and home and Treasure within. I also got Big blue. These suit you down to the ground.

  2. Beautiful pins – but I have to say what caught my eye were your lips! Their color was so intense and they were drawn so beautifully! What lipsticks do you use?

    • I think this was Besame Victory Red. It’s all the same colour for all photos but I’ve used differnt filters for each look x

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