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Sweater Girl with What Katie Did

The bullet bra was made popular in the 1950s and to many is one of the most iconic symbols of intimate apparel from that time. What Katie Did first recreated a bullet bra way back in 1999 and it’s now one of their staple styles. I find it really fascinating that a bra that is so different to modern day styles can be such a core piece in their collection- but it’s a true testament to the popularity and intrigue of vintage style lingerie.

Because the Bullet Bra is so far from what is considered a ‘normal’ bra shape, they can be a rather daunting prospect. The fit is a lot different as it doesn’t have a underwire and the shape comes up higher than what we are used to- but that’s also because necklines were generally higher back in the 1950s anyway.

Since What Katie Did have such a great range of bullet shapes in varying extremes, I thought it would make a interesting and fun post to compare a few of them and emulate the bold and risqué sweater girls of the 50s.

Firstly, we’ll start a little safe with the Liz! I wouldn’t really consider the Liz Bra to be a Bullet shape but it serves as a good starting point for comparison against the other two I’m featuring.

I love my Liz Knickers and Suspender Belt (featured in this post) so I wasn’t at all surprised to all adore the fit and feel of the Liz Bra. If you are really new to the retro the realm of vintage lingerie and the thought of ditching your underwire and padded cups is a little terrifying then I think the Liz is the perfect bra to try first. It’s lightly padded on the bottom half with vintage stitching to create a slight retro shape.

The band is very comfortable thanks to the stretch lycra blend and I feel more than adequately supported despite the lack of underwire. Normally I’m more like a 32 or 34 band in other brands but with What Katie Did I tend to be a 36. I’m wearing a 36DD which fits really well although I do have it secured on the tightest hook (it’s recommended for a new bra to fit best on the loosest or middle hook). So, potentially the 34E could have been better with this in mind.

The What Katie Did Retro Liz Bra comes in sizes 32B to 38DD

Next is the Cone Bra and this is where we are starting to really get into the pointier shape! I was already somewhat familiar with the Cone Bra because a couple of years back I purchased the Kate Longline Cone Bra which seems to be very similar in the cups.

The Cone Bra is good for those who want a nod to the Bullet Shape but without going to the full extreme. This feels a little more ‘every day’ to me, it’s subtle in it’s statement while still creating that retro bust shape by pushing the breasts outwards. Made from the same satin used in a lot of the other What Katie Did pieces, powermesh on the sides and a sheer organza panel at the top, this bra is not only comfortable but it looks really lovely too.

I’m wearing a 36E which I do think is the best size- I also tried on the 36F but it didn’t fit quite so well in the cups. The only thing to note is that due to the seams on the cups, it’s not quite as smooth underneath the sweater- you can see a few bumps and lines. This is going to be dependant on the fabric of the sweater (this is a pretty thin one) or top you are wearing but sometimes a easy solution is to wear a camisole between the bra and sweater.

The What Katie Did Cone Bra is available in Black and Peach and comes in sizes 32B to 38F

And now for the main event! The Curve Bullet Bra is specifically designed for busts larger than a DD cup, a sister to the Nouveau Bullet Bra which is for smaller busts. This is a classic bullet shape with circular stitching that really pushes the shape of your bust outwards for a extreme pointy silhouette. This isn’t for the feint hearted but it’s rather fun!

Once again, I’m wearing the 36E but this was definitely the trickiest bra to fit. I find the fact that the band has minimal stretch (there’s a small panel at the front and back) something hard to get used to as for some reason I feel a little less secure. However, my bosoms certainly aren’t going anywhere! The fit in the cups themselves is good, What Katie Did sell Bullet Bra Pads if you need a little filling out or shaping at the ends.

You can ever so slightly see some of the seaming of the bra through the sweater but less so than the Cone Bra. And look at that shape! It’s certainly the silhouette one thinks of when referencing the Bullet Bra!

The What Katie Did Bullet Bra is available in Black and Peach and comes in sizes 32A to 40F across the Nouveau and Curve styles

So all in all, I found the Liz Bra to be the most comfortable and create the smoothest line under the sweater, the Cone Bra to be best for those who want a little bit of a bullet shape for everyday wear and the Curve Bullet Bra to be for when one wants to really make a statement! But if you aren’t quite ready to venture into the world of no underwire and pointy cups, then the Glamour Nouveau is one of my all-time favourites.

Have you tried one of these bras? What is your favourite look to pair them with?

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Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honest of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. Thank you for the comparisons, it was really interesting to see all three under clothes. I wish the first two came in bigger cup sizes…
    I love the Curve bullet bra, I have it in both colours in 38F (usually 36G) and it fits beautifully. I do use the pads to fill out the tips when I want maximum oomph! It really takes my outfits to a higher level of retro 🙂

  2. Hi, Excellent article and a nice comparison – I love the full Bullet look and i am glad What Katie Did has gone up to plus DD cups. I tried their first one and had to send it back as it was a terrible shape. I am willing to give them another go. I have vintage bras and the shape of What Katie Did was way off. I went to the RAGO Style 2202 – Upper Body Extra Firm Shaping Long Line Bra – OMG I have worn this Bra every for 5 years. It is super comfortable and give a nice vintage shape – widening the breasts without the extreme shape of the bullet. For my full bullet i went to Secrets In Lace Bullet bra – I did have to take it in at the back a bit to get the right cup size fit, but it was worth it. It would be nice if you could compare the WKD with the Rego and SIL bras. thanks 🙂

  3. The comparison is very useful. It’s hard to really see the differences on WKD’s site, for me at least.

    The Curve bra seems to have poor lift and such a weird shape, like it’s pointing your breasts downward. I don’t understand if. The others are so much more flattering.

  4. I also have the LIZ bra but in green & black and i really LOVE it!

    Doll can’t you make a post about the hair products that you use? Setting lotion, pomada, hair spray, shampoo etc. How often do you shower your hair? I try to only do it 1-2 times/week so i can do someting with it not only have it in a ponytale :/

  5. I actually have all these. My first purchase was the Cone bra (or to be more exact, the Gwendoline bra, which has the same shape but a little more stretch due to the upper part of the bra being lace) which I love, but the cups seem to be a little too close to each other. The fit is otherwise good, but just the placement of the cups is funky and the side boning tends to usually poke my ribs and hurts me until I have “broken” them in. I have the Cone bra, the Gwendoline bra and the blue one, which I don’t remember the name of but it’s the same shape anyway. These give the best sweater girl look for me, because they’re not too pointy (I can’t fill a bullet bra properly because I have round breasts) but give a more authentic look than modern bra.

    Then I also have the Liz bra which is like you said supercomfy and I tend to wear it as my everyday regular bra with everything that has high enough neckline. I also love my older Harlow Bullet Bra, which is probably the most comfortable bra out of the three different types, even though it doesn’t have any stretch in the band. It just feels very soft to the skin, but like I said I can’t fill the cups completely without pads, but when I do wear it with some pads, some dresses look faaaabulous! Love that shape, I even did a sweater girl look this winter but I had another shirt underneath my sweater to tone down some of the pointiness… And even them some drunk thought it was ok to try to grab my pointy boobs -__-

    Do you how different the new bullet bra is compared to the old one? I’m wearing a size 34B/75B in all of their bras and they fit quite nicely (despite being very different in fit) so I was wondering if I need a second bullet bra to have a better shape or if the new bras are mainly remodeled for larges cupsizes? There’s nothing wrong with my current bullet bra, but I like having some choice 🙂 I also thought if I should try their 40’s bullet bra, which is supposed to fall somewhere between their Cone bra and the Harlow bullet bra in pointiness. Have you tried that one? It’s called the CC09 bra and it could look very nice with some 40’s styles.

    Either way the next time I’ll be shopping with WKD, I’m gonna get those Liz knickers you talked so highly of. They look super comfortable and I really need more high waisted panties. After having worn the ones I already have (pink Liz knickers, old Harlow knickers and black Satin knickers), modern panties just feel so… tiny 😀

  6. If the 36E is fastened on the tightest hook and you move to a 34 then for goodness sake make it a 34F. Anytime you have a cup that fits well but go down a number size you need to go up a cup size. The 34E cup will be smaller than a 36E. Trust me and save yourself the hassle of postage to mail it back.

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