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Dry Overnight Sponge Roller Setting Tutorial

I’ve got another tutorial for you today and this one is going right back to basics. Since I’m wanting to do a lot more tutorials in 2017, and having a good set is essential to any vintage hairstyle, I figured I’d share my favourite ways of setting my hair.

I’ve been using sponge rollers for years now and have recently started only doing it on dry hair. I’ve done dry roller sets in the past on day 2-5 and the results have always been so good- in fact I think my best sets come from days 3, 4 or 5 because they are just so smooth and have far less frizz than the first few days. So I started trying out setting my hair dry from day one and have been really pleased with the results. I was initially worried that the curl wouldn’t stay but I haven’t had any issues!

Watch my brand spanking new YouTube Tutorial to learn how I do this method and what my favourite products are. I also share some of my special little tips that really can make a sponge roller set that much better!

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  1. The over and under direction of the rollers was so helpful, I nearly always end up with the under direction with out even realizing it. Now I won’t make that mistake, thank you !

  2. This tutorial is fantastic. I started doing pin-up styling for myself prior to going to beauty school and getting my cosmetology license. I really struggled with figuring out why I was having the issues I was having. Once I went through school though, I figured it out and so much of it was just really simple things. Your tutorial was so spot on and it really shines through that you are a professional hairstylist. Thank you so much for posting this and mentioning the products you use and why, how to properly use a tail comb, different hair types- just all of it. Can’t wait to watch the rest of this series!

  3. Thank you for this great tutorial! I love your hair styles! 🙂

    A little question, if I may: I workout almost each day, and I sweat a lof from the scalp, which destroys my hair set… I wonder if you have some tips and tricks about how to maintain a good hair set while exercising… Thank you!

    • I would love to hear feedback on this, as well! I have given up on setting my hair since I started working out on a regular basis back in December. But I am tired of living my life in a perpetual ponytail! Would love to know how to maintain a set while exercising.

  4. Hi there. On the days after you set with curlers, how do you secure the curls for sleep? Bob y pins don’t seem to get all of my hair and snap barrettes leave dents. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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