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Austaliana Collection | Erstwilder

Who’s ready for another new Erstwilder Collection? I know I am!

I’ve mentioned about a million times of how much of a fan I am of Erstwilder’s flora and fauna pieces. In fact, so much so that I designed my own floral collection with them around this time last year! Well, the latest Australiana Collection features some of Australia’s most treasured wildlife and I adore that there’s some flowers in there too.

While I’m from New Zealand (and NO, we are not part of Australia :-P), my family actually lived in Sydney, Australia when I was 9 for two years. So I am very familiar with all the animals and country in general. It’s a beautiful place to visit, I have fond memories of the epic road trips my family did while we were there, seeing the desert and Ayers Rock and the terror of potentially coming across a poisionous snake, spider or other creepy crawlies that Australia has in abundance!

This isn’t the first Australiana Collection that Erstwilder has done and I doubt it will be their last! I was able to pick out some of my favourites to share with you and my, are they gorgeous!

First in the line up is Wander Lust. I not only loved this brooch for it’s aesthetic appeal but also for what it stands for. I’m a big believer in stretching your wings and seeing the world but home will still always be home. This monarch butterfly perched on a daisy is so sweet. The rusty colours of the monarch combined with the fresh white and yellow of the daisy make it both perfect for spring and autumn!

Wander Lust is AU$ 34.95
Earrings | Erstwilder
Cardigan & Skirt | Emmy Designs
Belt | Thrifted

I’m a sucker for anything that stirs up childhood memories. In my last Erstwilder post, I talked about how much I loved the Saltwater Wisdom earrings for how they reminded me of The Little Mermaid. Well, in this collection, Odette’s Bane really makes me think of ‘The Swan Princess’ Movie which I’m sure most girls who grew up in the 90s would know! It was one of my favourites and I think the sparkly black glitter effect this beautiful swan has is just stunning.

Odette’s Bane is AU$34.95
Earrings | Erstwilder
Cardigan | Collectif Clothing
Skirt | Miss Fortune

While Erstwilder predominantly do brooches, I love that with some Collections there will be a necklace as well. In this Australiana Collection, there’s not one, but two! While Saltie Swamp Dweller isn’t quite my style, I am totally in love with Tropical Oydessy for it’s beautiful bright blue butterflies and daisies which match the Delightful Daisies Earrings from my Beauteous Blossoms Collection. The blue of these butterflies is so electric in real life, it’s hard to capture on camera.

Tropical Odyssey is AU$44.95
Earrings | Erstwilder
Top and Belt | Pinup Girl Clothing
Bangles | Splendette

Finally, there’s Naughty Nectar Nibbler. In Australia the parrots are just everywhere and I remember when we moved there, I was in awe of the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets. New Zealand birds are not nearly as colourful and I never got tired of spotting these brightly painted (and rather noisy) lorikeets. This brooch is just as bright as the bird that inspired it and features a cheeky parrot nibbling on it’s prized nectar.

Naughty Nectar Nibbler is AU$34.95
Earrings | Erstwilder
Cardigan | Dangerfield Clothing
Bangles | Splendette

Australiana is just one of many fabulous collections that Erstwilder currently offer. They’ve recently teamed up with the beautiful ladies of Junebugs and Georgia Peaches to create the ‘A Little Bit Country’ and I adore the cute and quirky references to southern USA.

Remember that Erstwilder offer free shipping within Australia for orders over AU$80 and internationally for orders over AU$150.

Do you have a favourite from this Australiana range? Or are you lusting over a design in another collection?

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Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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