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Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour | Behind The Scenes

A couple of weeks ago I had a photoshoot with the wonderful Tigz Rice in the equally as wonderful Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour! Situated in Mayfair, hidden away through a secret door at up a dimly lit staircase, Mr Fogg’s a fabulous establishment filled with mementos and knick knacks of years gone by.

It proved a perfect location for a photoshoot and thank you so much to the team for allowing us to run amok for a few hours! I’ve put together a Behind The Scenes video showcasing the four fabulous outfits including Vintage Diva and Stop Staring! that I modelled – You’ll be seeing them all on the blog in the coming weeks!

Check out the video below –


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  1. You are even more beautiful and so put together on video than in pictures.
    I really appreciate your dedication and passion you have to an era of fashion where
    I truly believe woman dressed like women. Such grace and elegance.

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