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Ever since What Katie Did re-released their Glamour Stockings in the new wider welt style and fabulously fun colours, I’ve been a complete addict. While the old style worked for me as well, the wider welt has made all the difference with the comfort and performance of the stockings. They stay up better, don’t cut into my thighs as much and I just feel generally better in them.

The Glamour Stockings already come in 9 colours including my personal favourites – Latte, Green and Red. When What Katie Did hinted a few months back at new spring colours including a purple, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Then to have been one of the first to receive all three new Spring colours to try out… well… let’s just say there may have been some squeals as I unwrapped that package!

Introducing the most gorgeous trio of stockings you ever did see – Purple Glamour, Skye Glamour and Pink Glamour!

With these colours all being ultimate favourites of mine, especially purple and pink, I’m over the moon about the all the outfit matching possibilities. I’m also 100% in love with the shades of the colours – to me they are perfect as they aren’t too bright or garish.

For those of you wondering about sizing, the Glamour Stockings come in two sizes – S/M and M/L. With these sizes, the difference is in the length and also the width of the welt. I don’t consider myself overly tall, I’m about 170cm but I do have very curvy thighs – about 26″ at the widest part, nearly the same size as my waist! So I prefer the fit of the M/L as there’s more room for my thighs however the S/M also works, they just don’t come up as high and are a little tighter at the top.

When choosing your size, also take into consideration the suspender belt or shapewear you will be wearing them with. If you are planning on wearing a girdle or corselette that comes down lower, then you might the smaller (shorter) size. If you wear a range of different belts then it might be a good idea to have one of each size.

 I’m completely smitten with the new spring colours, they aren’t going to be released until May but there’s currently a offer of all three colours for just £22.50 (a pair is normally £10 each). This offer is valid until May 3rd which is when orders will be shipped out so it’s only a few weeks away!

Which is your favourite out of the new spring colours? Or is it too impossible to pick just one?

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Disclaimer: Whilst these stockings were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. I loved the colours of the previous range, but I wasn’t sure about this range until I saw his post. Now I want them all!! There’s something about the way you have modelled them and the colour matches that make them so, well, necessary! Thanks so much. Kx

  2. Am so excited, just received an email saying the spring mix is on the way! I like the purple best, (favorite color), but will probably wear all three often. Thanks so much for the post!

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