My Viva Las Vegas Shopping Haul

There’s many a great things about Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and one of them is definitely the shopping! We’ve attended Viva 4 times now and my first two years I went NUTS. Like, fill a whole suitcase (2013) and having to post 30kg worth of stuff home (2015) nuts.

It’s really easy to get caught up in all the wonderful things available especially when you are coming from a smaller country like New Zealand. Back then too, there was only one or two store that were importing from international brands. My biggest tip to those of you trying to stick to a budget at Viva Las Vegas is to only purchase things that are one-offs or not easily accessible online and since I’m now living in the UK, things are definitely easier to get a hold of!

This year, I didn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money as we’ve got some holidays coming up in Europe and I’d rather have the money to spend then. So my shopping haul is rather minimal but each item was carefully selected and there’s no buyers remorse from getting swept up in the frenzy of shopping!

So, what did I get?

I already knew that I’d likely be tempted by a vintage Lucite purse at Charleston Antique Mall. These purses are super expensive and I really prefer to buy them in person so when I know there is going to be a good range or I find something I really love, I take the opportunity. Lucite Bags I think need to be inspected well before purchasing as it feels very risky to buy online. There were a lot of beautiful options, some of my favourites were around US$300 which I just didn’t want to spend. However, I really loved this gold and black purse that was around the max of what I wanted to pay (US$175) and in great condition. I must say, there were some very overpriced purses considering the flaws, cracks and stiff hinges!

I’m really happy I bit the bullet as I knew it would be something I’d regret not purchasing. And the ultimate benefit of this particular Lucite purse over others? It’s actually got room for my phone, portable battery pack and makeup!

My first purchase from the Vendor Rooms was something I’d planned on buying and have done in years past too. I love the Rago 2202 Longline Bra as it’s so comfortable and gives such a lovely silhouette. It’s probably the reason that everyone thinks I wear corsets but I actually don’t! Because I wear mine so often, the past couple of Viva’s I’ve bought new ones from the a booth that has retro shapewear to replace my old ones. I got both a black and a white this time but oh how I wish that Rago would make them in a smaller band size! I get the smallest, the 34 but a 32 would be better at my waist! If you’d like to read my review on this bra from a few years back, click here.

Another favourite vintage find is this little vintage red velvet caplet. I saw this on the Friday morning while cruising around the vendor rooms and knew it would be a perfect match for the red velvet dress I was wearing later that evening. Plus, the condition is immaculate!

I love seeing the Freddies of Pinewood booth each year and was very happy that this year they had one inside the vendor rooms instead of at the car show. I can never be bothered trying on jeans at the car show! I tried on a pair that I really loved but it seemed silly to purchase there when they are a UK company and I can order them online. But I did get this blouse which I already have in green – they are my absolute favourite retro style blouses, the fit is so, SO GOOD.

At the car show on the Saturday, there was the Lux De Ville booth with all their lovely sparkly train cases. I must have walked past and stroked the purple train case like half a dozen times over the course of the day and by 6pm I finally decided it would have to come home with me. I’ve been wanting one for probably over 5 years but they discontinued them and only recently bought them back. Considering shipping from the USA to the UK would likely be hideous (not to mention the added customs charges), I figured it would be kinda silly to not grab one. And, they were $25 cheaper at the car show!

Sunday is always the day to go swing by the vendor rooms again as the stalls will all have a percentage off or be able to give you a good deal. For those special vintage pieces that you just can’t live without, I wouldn’t run the risk of waiting till Sunday but it’s definitely worth having a second look around as more often than not Vendors will also have extra stock to put out.

I snagged two vintage goodies at one stall and the lady gave me nearly half off! The first item was this vintage deadstock brooch/necklace with matching earrings. I love the starburst shape with the light pink jewels – it need a bit of a polish but I think it’s just such a beautiful design!

I also bought this olive green vintage hat from the same seller. It needs a bit of a steam to get the netting back into shape but it’s in great condition and the perfect kind of hat for me- I like my hats to not cover up too much of my hair.

My final purchase was this adorable crop top from Billie Jo Retro. I was a little unsure if I would actually wear a crop top since my preference is to always be wearing a longline bra but I thought for $20, it’s not a big loss if it doesn’t work out.


Keep an eye out for more Viva Las Vegas posts and videos coming up in the next few weeks!

Did you attend Viva and go shopping? What was your favourite purchase?

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  1. So many lovely things ! Just as you, I wish Rago do smaller band, that’s such a pity to be out of their size range !

  2. These items are so incredibly beautiful and make me even more jealous of not being able to go to Viva since we are saving our money to go to Stockholm in a few weeks. Wonderful post!

  3. We’re just about to have our morning coffee together and I said, “I’ll be there in a minute. I just want to see what Ella bought at Viva.” Jayeson walked away saying, “Ella bottuh Viva. Ella Bottuh Viva.Ella Bottuh Viva.” Can’t wait to see!

  4. Okay. I had a quick look and you did really well. I love the hats the best! Good choices! I think you’ll look adorbs in the crop top and thanks for hipping me to the Freddie of Pinewood blouses. I’m going to check them out!
    I’m glad you enjoyed Viva.
    I didn’t see a lot of pictures but what I saw were lovely. I haven’t heard from anyone what activities were enjoyed other than the burlesque and now your shopping, and of course, the DD Dinner. Wish I could have been there! Love to you and the hubby. XO

  5. I got a bunch of good vintage at Viva (and tshirts)! My best purchase was a Mexican circle skirt that was originally $95 that I haggled down to $70! Sunday night shopping is such a thrill because of the haggling!

    It was also quite lovely to meet you a few times throughout the weekend!

  6. I got a couple nice vintage necklaces from Upstairs vendors & really nice lucite bag from outside vendor on Saturday. Kind of wish I went back upstairs to haggle on Sunday as there were a few things I liked but the prices where to high. Poor Brett was over it though

  7. Hi! My favorites of what you snagged were those hats!! Especially the olive green, you just don’t find that shade much anymore! Loved seeing all of your posts from Viva;)

  8. OMG I owned that exact purse in the mid-90s and Loved it. that side that looks like fishnet is crazy great. I loved it, but sold it to Red Light Vintage many years ago in the middle of mad purge. Great score.

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