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Episode One | Ask Miss Victory Violet

Welcome to the start of a new monthly series – Ask Miss Victory Violet, bought to you and dressed by Collectif Clothing! In Episode One, find out how Ask Miss Victory Violet started and watch some #flashback footage from my Miss Pinup New Zealand talent section in 2014.
Questions asked in this episode include how to deal with negative comments, what are my dream items to own, how to get starting dressing vintage, what did I want to be when I was growing up and more!

Watch Episode One and find out how to submit questions for next month’s episode – and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!


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  1. Hi Miss Victory Violet, will you ever consider writing a vintage fashion book? I love seeing your posts on Facebook and watching your videos on YouTube.

  2. Hi Miss Victory,
    I love the episode! You seem like the type of person everyone wants as their best friend! My question for a future episode would be your suggestions or tips on doing retro hairstyles (specifically the victory rolls) for people with long hair. SO often the hairstyles are designed and/or done by people who have shoulder-length, or shorter, hair (or are doing hair for someone else, instead of themselves…which I love that you show you doing your own…it is a big difference of ease and ability to do one’s own hair versus doing someone else’s).
    What about people who LOVE the retro look, but do not wish to cut their waist-length hair? I completely understand that so much of the hair is just practice, but I would love tips on doing the hairstyle, having very long hair. I myself struggle because I have no one to help me, and have very few tools to use. Thank you! Hope to see my questions answered next month! ~Lady Alex

  3. Hi, Miss Victory Violet!
    I’ve been following you on social media for a while now, as I’m a devoted vintage lover myself! I have been dying to get my hands on some vintage, 1940s-ish hats and I have no IDEA where to really look for them. Keep in mind, I am a fashionista on a budget! I’ve seen some hats on websites like Etsy where they run up into three or four hundred dollars…
    I guess my question really is: Where would you recommend shopping around for some true vintage pieces or reproductions for the modern gal on a budget?
    Thanks and lots of love!

  4. I have to say, I loved this. I am a mother of four that cannot afford (or fit into) many of the companies or true vintage clothing options that are out there. So I shop Amazon of all places! I love what dresses I have been able to get, but often find myself in envy of the more expensive options others can afford. Just knowing that everyone starts out somewhere helped increase my confidence in what I do wear.

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