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Into The Woods | ERSTWILDER

It’s that time again… new Erstwilder time!

I was especially excited when I first had the chance to preview the latest collection called ‘Into The Woods’. Autumn has to be not only my favourite season of the year but also in the last few years I’ve really loved adding rich autumnal colours to my wardrobe. While this collection hasn’t been directly inspired by autumn, browns, tans, deep reds and mustard all feature in this adorable collection.

With the usual mix between quirky, novelty, comical and a little more subtle, the designs in Into The Woods have something for just about everyone. And while it may be summer here in the Northern Hemisphere right now, Autumn is only just around the corner and these gorgeous pieces are the perfect accessory.

The very first brooch to catch my eye was King Of Our Forest. While it may be technically a maple leaf, and therefore a no-brainer for all you Canadian readers, it reminded me most about my first autumn in London and Europe last year. The turn of the leaves was just extraordinary and I discovered a new found love for the season.

Photos of King Of Our Forest do not do the colours justice- it’s a textured resin of a berry-red with shots of electric purple.

King Of Our Forest Brooch – AU$34.95
Dress – Miss Candyfloss
Earrings and Bangle – Splendette

Now for something a bit more on the ‘novelty’ side, and it’s a adorable wee garden gnome! ‘There’s No Place Like Gnome‘ is a rather dapper chap in his bright blue coat, belt and red hat. A beautiful combination of textured and plain resins, the colours just pop wonderfully!

Like King Of Our Forest, this brooch could easily be paired with subtle, earthy tones but thanks to it’s bright blue and red, also works wonderfully with more vibrant shades.

There’s No Place Like Gnome – AU$34.95
Top – Pinup Girl Clothing
Earrings – Bow and Crossbones

It’s always hard to pick a absolute favourite from new collections but if I had to, it would probably be ‘Little Red-Breast Brooch’. This darling red robin really appeals for it’s beautiful colour combination and the way she is sweetly perched on the branch.

We don’t have red robins where I am from so I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my first one in the wild when I moved to London!

Little Red-Breast Brooch – AU$34.95
Sweater – Emmy Designs
Earrings – Splendette

My final pick of the collection was ‘Cabin In The Woods’. Can you tell that I really gravitate towards the red and earthy tone combos? This brooch is all kinds of adorable and reminds me of old fairy tales and Canadian wilderness TV shows.

The detail of the logs and the sparkly green resin on the pine tree are what really make this piece special.

Cabin In The Woods – AU$34.95
Blouse – Freddies of Pinewood
Earrings – Splendette

Into The Woods has the perfect mix of inspiration from autumn, Canadian woodlands and classic fairytales that we all know and love. A few pieces have already sold out so if you do fancy any, don’t delay!

A reminder that Erstwilder offers free shipping within Australia for orders over AU$80 and free shipping internationally for orders over AU$150. They’ve also recently introduced AfterPay (only available to residents within Australia), which is a interest-free program for paying off your order over 4 weeks- potentially a blessing and a curse!

Did you snag yourself anything from Into The Woods?

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Disclaimer: Whilst these brooches were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.


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  1. I did!!! I saw the sneak peeks over the last week and HAD to buy the acorn earrings to go with my Satisfied Squirrel brooch (from Erstwilder) and my PUG Junebugs dress in Squirrel print!!! I wish I’d bought the King of Our Forest maple leaf as well though, after seeing it on your lovely pink dress.

  2. I purchased the Stag, the Racoon and the Maple leaf, your shots of the maple leaf make me excited to get it!

  3. I cannot believe how addictive these brooches are! Since you original post I have purchased 10 including the 4 I snagged this morning in the Lucky Dip.
    Question for you my dearest Miss Victory Violet, what about earrings? I am new to vintage styling and I wonder if there are guidelines for earrings. Specifically to coordinate with these brooches. Simple shapes? Match colors? Dangling or not? I can’t make out any patterns yet. Thanks for all you do!

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