10,000 YouTube Subscribers | GIVEAWAY

I recently hit the milestone of 10,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel and to celebrate, I’ve launched a giveaway sponsored by five of my favorite brands! Splendette, Besame Cosmetics, Kenra Professional, What Katie Did and Vixen by Micheline Pitt.

If you’d like to know what exactly the prizes are and how to enter (it’s super simple I promise!), then watch the video below! All entries must be done on the YouTube video so click the little ‘watch on Youtube’ button on the bottom right or click here to make it easy.

Good luck and thank you again to everyone who has already subscribed and the prize sponsors for helping to make this happen!


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  1. When we met at the lock in, you were extremely inspirational, giving me more confidence that I didn’t realise I had. I thank you for this also thank you for being so approachable. Love and best wishes and congratulations on reaching 10,000.
    Hope I ever put this in the right place.

    Jill Merrett xx

    • Aw thank you so much Jill that’s so lovely of you to say!
      You do need to enter on the actual YouTube video – sorry it’s a little confusing, I’ve added a extra instruction now to the post.
      Click this link to take you to the actual video and you can enter there! X

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