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1930s Peach Gown | TRUE VINTAGE

I’ve been saving this post for a rainy day and today is that day! One of the most wonderful things about being a vintage gal in London is the fairs – they are a thing to behold! Some can be a little more hit and miss, some more expensive than others and some just downright overwhelming with the amount of incredible wares on sales.

Earlier in the year I went to one in particular that had such a amazing amount of high quality vintage items, I must have circuited the stalls half a dozen times just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Early on, I’d spied a gorgeous peachy pink brocade gown that wasn’t crazy expensive but certainly a little more than I planned on spending that day. I dismissed initially since it was so glamourous, where would I possibly wear it? But, I kept coming back to it like a moth to a flame.

I decided that I should probably just try it on as at least if it didn’t fit then I could let it go and not leave the fair with regret. Well… it fitted like a DREAM and I knew then that it was a sign that this dress was meant to be in my life. To further solidify this theory, as we were leaving with my new purchase carefully packaged up, I spied some gloves that seemed like they’d be a very close match in colour. I pulled out the dress and I couldn’t believe just how perfectly the colours matched. It was vintage fate.

The dress was labelled as being 1930s in era, I’m not a expert but I’m guessing it could be late 30s-early 40s. The condition for it’s age is marvellous which is one of the factors that helped me decide to buy it. As the fabric has no stretch, I knew I’d want all the seams and the condition of the fabric to be as sturdy as possible to avoid possible tears.

My favourite thing about this dress is the full length, sweeping skirt. It flows out with a fullness that is rather deceptive at first and the beautiful fabric is almost liquid-like in the way it behaves. It creates such a feeling of splendour and regality when walking or moving.

Dress | True Vintage
Gloves | True Vintage
Shoes | Miss L Fire
Necklace | True Vintage via Tock Tick Vintage
Earrings | True Vintage via Bow and Crossbones

I found it a little tricky to accessorize since it is one or two decades earlier than what I’m used to but I figured that the dress and the gloves spoke enough for themselves and I just added some simple vintage jewellery and my Lucite Miss L Fire Shoes.

Thank you ever so much to the wonderful Tigz Rice for these gorgeous shots at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour. I knew that this dress would need a certain level of opulence and this setting certainly provided that along with Tigz’ talent and eye for detail!

So after my umming and ahhing at the fair, do I have buyers remorse? Absolutely not! While it’s not a dress that I’ll have occasion to wear frequently, it’s one of those vintage pieces that I know I will keep for years to come because of the just how beautiful it is and the story behind it.

Do you have a tale about how you came to own a treasured vintage item?

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  1. WOW! That dress is gorgeous and so are the gloves. You look so beautiful. It is very becoming on you. Thanks for sharing the dress and gloves. Wear it in good health.

  2. What a find! It looks like it was made for you! I just added a late 1940s/early 1950s lavender suit to my collection, as well as a lovely green silk 50s gown. Both are in need of a visit to the seamstress but I can’t wait to wear them. I love that “vintage fate” feeling!

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