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I count myself very lucky that when I moved to London a year ago from my home of New Zealand, I already had a friend who had also recently moved. Jaimee (aka @sodafontaine) and I had known eachother for a while but most time spent together up to that point had been with a larger group of friends. But in the last we have done so much fun stuff together and it’s been wonderful to not only have a fellow pinup friend, but to have someone who’s in the same position as I am – wanting to explore and see as much of London and Europe as possible!

Our partners have also got along really well which is always wonderful- we have had many fun double dates and even spent New Years Eve together in Dublin!

Sadly, Jaimee’s visa is coming to a end and so she’s heading back to New Zealand in September with 2 months of travelling around Europe first. Ever since I landed in London we had talked about doing a girls weekend away and with September fast approaching, we settled on a weekend in Bruges at the start of August.

Bruges appealed for it’s quaint medieval aesthetic and the fact that it was accessible on the Eurostar which is a far easier and stress-free way to travel.

So on a Friday afternoon we met up at St Pancras, left the overcast and greyness of London behind and a few hours later we were in the adorable city of Bruges with a beautiful blue sky to greet us. We had until Sunday afternoon to explore the city and spent Saturday and Sunday walking around the canals, eating a lot of great food (OMG THE WAFFLES) and just having that perfect balance of doing stuff and relaxation. Jaimee even patiently waited for me to have a little afternoon siesta – that’s true friendship!

Take a look at my video from our weekend which shows highlights of what we got up to and some of our favourite spots. It really was like something out of a fairytale! I’m so glad we got a chance to do our girls weekend, we had such a great time together and I’m really REALLY going to miss Jaimee when she leaves!


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  1. Such a beautiful place!!! With beautiful ladies!!
    Very random but what is the artist of the first song in your Burges video? I’m doing a school Halloween carnival and I’d love to add that song to its music playlist!

  2. Bruges looks so wonderful! My feet are getting itchy just looking at it. The pink floral dress you are wearing in the first photo is so gorgeous. Would you mind saying where you got it from?

    Gorgeous as ever!

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