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Pink Gingham Diner Dress | CAMPBELL CRAFTS

There’s something about gingham. It’s such a simple pattern but can be so versatile and it really is perfect for summer.
When I think of gingham, it’s usually the traditional colourway of red and white but I really love the pink alternative on the Campbell Crafts Pink Gingham Diner Dress.

This dress is all kinds of adorable. It’s a typical Diner type shape with full button closure, sweet little collar, cuffed sleeves and a matching belt. The fact that it fully unbuttons is a god-send as I love knowing that I will be able to get it on easily without upsetting my hairstyle. It also meant that it could be a great breastfeeding dress for any pinup momma’s out there!

The Pink Gingham Diner Dress has a gloriously full skirt and a fantastic length to it – I really love it when vintage reproduction items have a proper mid calf length. I know that hemlines of course varied in the 40s and 50s but I love longer lengths as it feels so authentic and graceful.

I’m wearing a size 10 which is a great fit and tends to be my usual UK size. There’s very little stretch to this fabric so do bear that in mind when determining your size. The 10 is listed to have a 35″ bust whereas I am more like a 36-37″ depending on what bra I’m wearing. So I was able to squeeze in although any tighter and it would have possibly starting gaping at the buttons.

The fabric is a lovely light cotton, perfect for summer! Keep in mind that dark undergarments may show through a tiny bit – not enough for it to feel actually see-through but just enough that lighter underwear is a better option. Or add a petticoat underneath to help give it more opaqueness.

Full Outfit Details
Dress | Campbell Crafts
Shoes | Lola Ramona
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones
Bangles | Los Flamingo & Bow and Crossbones

Campbell Crafts both stock other brands and have their own line -the quality of this dress is top-notch and it’s great to be able to support local UK businesses!

Thank you so much to Nicole Engelmann Photography for these stellar photos at Hampstead Pergola – This is the last blog post from our shoot there which makes me a little sad but we are hoping to get back there to catch the autumn leaves later in the year!


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. I love those more “traditionally” shaped of dresses with little collars and specially with capsleeves.And that pink color is so adorable.You look so stunning with anykind of dresses(and trousers too!)I need adwise with trousers, where to find ,as I have wide hip and small waist it is so difficult to find any trousers that fits on my bottom and waist at the same time! (And makes bottom looking good also)Thank you for your helpful sites.

  2. Good to know about the functional buttons! I’m on the lookout for breastfeeding-friendly dresses that will last well beyond that stage too. You look lovely.

  3. This dress is soooo perfect! But for me it’s never a good thing if they have functional buttons :<. They tend to pop open fast with me.. Good to know though! It looks really good on you!

  4. Oh I have to have this dress. Its pink, gingham, diner style and best of all it is a functional breastfeeding dress. Thanks for the reference to us mummies. I am completely enamoured with dressing like a fifties housewife.

  5. How do you find the sleeve tightness? I have “shapely” upper arms, and I know you have struggled with sleeves in the past too… but this one looks ok in these gorgeous images, so I’m guessing no issue?

  6. With spring almost here back in NZ (let it be known that I am beyond excited for warmer weather) I have absolutely fallen in love with gingham! I’m working on a few garment designs one of which in yellow/white gingham perhaps embroidered daisies in there too. You look utterly stunning babe! Keep up the great blogging xxx

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