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My Autumn/Winter Collection | VOODOO VIXEN

It feels like it’s been a age of waiting and secrecy but a few weeks ago, my design collaboration with Voodoo Vixen was finally released! I was so excited when they asked me last year if I’d be interested and of course I jumped at the opportunity.

Celine Black Top and Bridget Tartan Flare Skirt

Veronica Tartan Pencil Dress

Early on in the process, I had to think really hard about what sort of vibe I wanted the collection to be. I loved that it was to be for the Autumn/Winter range as I love winter clothing and everything that comes with it… especially coats! I felt like I wanted to have a collection that wasn’t obviously mine- so many people would expect purple or flowers but I love so many other things when it comes to vintage inspired fashion.

Ella Tartan Flare Dress

Violet Fur Trim Coat

Tartan was a pretty obvious choice for winter, it’s one of my favourite things to wear during the cold season. I loved the idea of monochrome since grey can be a under utilised colour in vintage reproduction, that’s what we decided to go with after looking at several versions of grey tartans. I also picked out the colours for the contrasting panels and coat, and things started coming together.

Violet Fur Trim Coat

Celine Black Top and Bridget Tartan Skirt

We ended up settling on 5 final items – a coat, full circle dress, wiggle dress, top and full circle skirt. It’s a cohesive collection that works really well together and versatility was key throughout the whole process – for instance the faux fur on the cuffs and collar of the coat are completely removable and while it looks great fully done up, it can also be work open like I have here.

Ella Tartan Flare Dress

Veronica Tartan Pencil Dress

All in all, I think it’s ended up being a complete success and was very excited to hear from the team at Voodoo Vixen about how well it’s done. Some items have already sold out but there’s to be a restock in October so don’t worry if you missed out!

Shop the full collection here


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  1. Congratulations lovely!!! I love love the entire collection. I already purchased the two dresses and black top. Hopefully the next run of skirts are fixed, the hems were all cut incorrectly and had to be sent back to Voodoo.

  2. I love the whole collection!! I would get it all if I could! I can’t decide between the swing dress or skirt, maybe I’ll convince the husband I need both 😉 ya know girls on a budget!

  3. I love all the outfits. It is obvious that you and those outfits were made for each other. You look so elegant and lovely wearing the outfits. The coat is my favorite if I have to pick one outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love them all, with my favorite being the Ella Tartan dress. That bodice is lovely! And I’m happy to see a muted color…not so in your face with prints, which is too summery. Well done!

  5. So pretty, congratulations! 🙁 I’m sad the sizing won’t work for me (44-32-45) and I guess the skirt is already sold out since it’s not showing up – my only hope! Hopefully it’ll be back in with the October restock.

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