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Our first Dapper Day experience was back in May for the Spring outing at Disneyland Paris. Despite the rather gloomy weather, we had a wonderful day (you can read about it here and watch highlights here) and entertained the thought of returning again for Autumn. At first, we didn’t think we would be able to make it back but when I planned to be in Oslo the week before for some events and workshops, I figured I could always go straight from there to Paris.
Plus, Matt was off work recovering from his hand injury so there wasn’t the issue of him having to get time off!


So, we met up in Paris on the Thursday before Dapper Day, I did a workshop on the Friday and Saturday was the big day! Dapper Day is all about going to the park in your ‘Sunday Best’. It doesn’t need to be vintage, but a lot of attendees tend to dress that way. I wanted to be able to wear something fun and special so I had the amazing Stephanie from She’s Dynamite whip me up a new dress. I had loved the red velvet tulip dress she had created for me for Viva, so I thought it would be fun to do the same shape but in a more casual fabric.

I have a bit of a soft-spot for any kind of eyelet or broderie anglaise fabric and really liked the idea of finding something along those lines for this dress. I came across this beautiful lilac eyelet fabric and knew that was the one!

Since I was on tour for the two weeks leading up to being in Paris and because Stephanie needed some time to construct the dress, Matt ended up bringing the dress with him for me. I wasn’t organised enough to sort out my accessories for the rest of the outfit so even had a FaceTime session so he could pack everything else for me – what a guy!

I ummed and ahhhed about what colour to put with the lilac. Initially I’d thought I’d go simple and clean with white but that felt a little boring. Instead, I made a last minute decision while FaceTiming Matt to go with bottle green. I later realised that it was a little bit of a ode to Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

The weather wasn’t quite as warm as we’d hoped it would be, so a cardigan was definitely needed. I love my Emmy Cardigans so much and this green was from their Spring/Summer Collection just gone. I used my trusty vintage cardigan clips to secure the cardigan across my shoulders and added matching green shoes- the Miss L Fire Betty Heel. These shoes are really quite comfortable! I walked around the park in them for hours, having a little break in the middle of the day when we had heavy rain as I didn’t want the suede to get too wet.

I also added my favourite Shazam Hair Flowers, What Katie Did Stockings in Purple, a White Samantha Petticoat from Malco Modes and the earrings and bangles from my Splendette Design Collaboration. I’m really happy with how well the outfit came together considering I didn’t have a chance to really brainstorm or try it all on!

We would really love to be able to attend a Dapper Day at one of the USA parks- I’m so disappointed that the Spring one in Anaheim is the same weekend as Viva Las Vegas next year! I was really hoping we might be able to do both! But, c’est la vie!

Want to watch highlights from Disneyland and also from our day spent in Paris City, see below-

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  1. hello there
    i was wondering if it was correct that your hair workshop was SOLD OUT in Sydney – it doesn’t say SOLD OUT on the front listing like the others, but when you go in, it says Out of Stock. Could you confirm if this is correct or if it is possible to get in? Thankyou so very much!
    Warm wishes

  2. Oh my god, you look so gorgeous and your movement is so delicate and feminine! I always look like a crazy person when I try to twirl around in my circle skirts… But who cares 😀

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