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At the end of August, I set off to Copenhagen for the first stop on my mini-Hair and Makeup Tour!

I began in Denmark, hosted by Mondo Kaos where I did three Vintage Hair and Makeup Workshops, three nights in a row! The ladies at Mondo Kaos were also so kind and welcoming, I really didn’t want to leave!
I also had two days at Juicy Beauty around the corner, offering my signature Cut, Set and Brushout appointments. This salon was kind of my dream décor- all pastel lavender and minty blue.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a huge amount of spare time to get to explore Copenhagen itself so I will just have to return!

Next stop – Oslo! This was my third time returning this year and as always, I was hosted and looked after by the wonderful Tonje aka Miss Rockabully. I did three days at KUTT salon which is always a pleasure, as well as my Vintage Hair Workshop at Fin Frogner AND a day styling hair for photoshoot with Are Knudsen Photography.
Oslo is always such a fun place to go to, I so enjoy getting to spend time with all the Norwegian ladies and especially Tonje.

My final stop was Paris. I had been travelling on my own up until this point but Matt came to meet me in Paris to help with my Workshop and so that we could attend Dapper Day together at Disneyland! A video and blog post of our weekend in Paris is coming soon.

It was a great couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to planning my destinations for 2018, so stay tuned!

Watch the highlights below-


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    • I would love to but the USA visas are a nightmare, even just on a temporary basis like this would be. I’m researching as I’d love to do it but it’s not as simple as Europe! X

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