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Pucker Up & Lip Service | DIRTY WORKS BEAUTY

Recently I was sent the brand new range of cosmetics by Dirty Works– a UK based affordable brand who’s main focus has been bath, bodycare and skincare. With a fun, slightly retro aesthetic, it’s super exciting that they’ve now also branched out into makeup and have 14 fantastic new products on offer.

As a self confessed lipstick addict, the thing I was most interested to try was their lip products and Dirty Works have two different types on offer within their range.

First up is the Luxe Lip Crayons which come in a pack of 3 different shades for JUST £6. That works out to be just £2 per crayon which is ridiculously good value.

These crayons are rather clever as there’s no need to have a sharpener handy- simply twist the bottom of the crayon when you need more! This means a lot less wastage compared to a traditional pencil as you inevitably end up shaving away precious product in a bid for a sharper tip.

The three colours in the pack cover your main lipstick needs- a bright, orange based red, barbie baby pink and a more subtle mauve pink. The formula isn’t as pigmented as what I’m used to but more silky and balm-like in feeling. Personally I think these are perfect for those days when you are wanting to go a little softer with your makeup or when you just want to ditch the matte lippy and opt for something more soothing and hydrating.

Before trying out these out on my lips, I was expecting to like either the red or the pink best – but in fact, it was the mauve that was my favourite! It’s such a lovely soft colour that really complimented my skin and I love having a colour like this when I’m travelling and wearing minimal or no makeup to give my lips a little bit of colour. The colour combined with how silky it feels, means that I think this will be my new go-to!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t think I’ve worn a lipgloss in 6 or 7 years but there’s often times when my lips are feeling ultra dry that the idea of a gloss is totally appealing. And, the benefit of vintage hairstyling is that it’s usually sprayed to a concrete style that is DEFINITELY not going to be creating that pesky hair-in-lip-gloss situation after a sudden gust of wind.

Dirty Works Beauty have two lip glosses available- a nude and coral. Since I’m not really a nude kinda gal when it comes to lippy, I opted to try the Pucker Up in Coral. The colour is super pretty and the gloss itself has the perfect amount of pigment. If you wanted it to be more opaque, then you could apply the red colour from the Luxe Lip Crayons trio first, and then add the gloss over the top.

Since it’s been so long since Iast wore a lip gloss, I can’t say I am a connoisseur but I felt like it was a good level of stickiness so that it doesn’t move too much and it survived a eating and drinking test pretty well- a big meal you’ll always have to reapply a lip gloss anyway.

The Pucker Up Lip Gloss is another great price, just £4!

While I’m not going to be ditching my favourite matte lippys anytime soon, I love having a variation of lipstick colours in varying levels of pigment and finish so these are both welcome additions- the Luxe Lip Crayons especially! Vintage inspired makeup is so much more than just standard liquid eyeliner and matte red lips!

Both these products are available at or in Sainsburys at the UK. There’s 12 other makeup products in the range and I’ll be releasing a YouTube video featuring a few more in the next week or so.

Disclaimer: These products and this post was sponsored by Dirty Works Beauty but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. That is great value for your money and i was searching for something more soft than the bright reds for those days that i wear less make up. Do the crayons stay well or do you have to reapply often?

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