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The Shampoo I Can’t Live Without…

Every once and a while you finally find that miracle product that you’ve been searching for. The one that actually does what you need it to do and from then, you are hooked. The thought of the company discontinuing said products gives you nightmares and a cold sweat…
A little dramatic? Maybe. But this is literally how I feel about Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three.

For YEARS, (and I mean years), I have been struggling with the issue of getting hairspray buildup on my hair. Admittedly, I am rather heavy handed with how much I use and the fact that I style my hair for up to 5 days before washing it, layering hairspray over hairspray definitely doesn’t help.

If you’ve never had hairspray buildup then count yourself lucky. It’s what my nightmares are made out of. I loveeee having soft, healthy feeling hair and hairspray buildup gives the opposite of that. It affects mainly the ends of my hair – so much so that if I look closely, I can see a white coating. It makes my hair feel dry and brittle, causes more breakage when I brush it than it should and weighs down the curls.

The biggest problem though was my inability to be able to actually remove it! Normal shampoo  just didn’t cut the mustard, no matter how many times I’d do it. And before you try to suggest some homemade concoction… trust me I’VE TRIED THEM ALL! Baking soda, dishwashing liquid, vinegar, coconut oil, various clarifying shampoos… the list goes on.
I think some of these methods do work for some poeple but honestly, I feel like my case was way worse than normal buildup.

For a while I found mild success with either coconut oil or baking soda but it never fully cleansed and the baking soda was quite drying. So the search continued. After desperately asking for recommendations in a facebook group, a few suggested Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three which is a ultra clarifying shampoo. I figured it was worth a try!

It. was. a. MIRACLE.

My hair hadn’t felt so soft and HEALTHY in months! It completely cleansed out all of the buildup and left my hair completely fresh and shiny again.
The shampoo itself is pretty standard – it lathers up well and has a slight lemon scent. While it’s probably not recommended to use with every wash, it has now become part of my standard routine. I’ve always done two shampoos when washing my hair so now I start with Shampoo Three to remove the weeks worth of buildup and then follow on with another nourishing, moisturizing shampoo.

I don’t find that it makes my colour fade too noticeably but if you do have a brighter colour, it’s something you’d want to be aware of as being a possibility. My advice would be to try doing half and half with a regular colour safe shampoo to see if you can get the same results but without as much risk of colour fading.

Honestly, this has been my beauty product find of the year. It really is my little bottle of hair magic! If your hair is feeling dry, heavy and has a rough texture especially on the ends then I would recommend giving this a try as you might just have buildup and not realize it.



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  1. A good clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair is a lifesaver. I don’t get hairspray build up because the line I’m using is water soluble, but I get clients with build up and I like to clarify when i do protein and deep conditioning treatments .

  2. I am thrilled that you addressed this issue! My hair was sticky and I coudn’t stand it. I didn’t know what is was, and I thought I would have to cut it all off and start over. And then…..Miss Victory Violet did a blog entry on buildup. Voila! The answer I needed.

    Thank you ever so much!

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