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The Zoe Dress | STOP STARING

Everyone has that style of dress that’s their favourite, that they automatically go for, and for me, it’s a full skirted swing dress. But sometimes you can end up staying too much in your comfort zone for too long and I definitely think that happened to me in the last year or so.

It’s been nice to get back into dabbling in wiggle dress styles and I feel like Stop Staring is iconic for providing timeless figure hugging silhouettes. I recently got to try their Zoe Dress in Green and was completely bowled over with how it made me feel.

I always feel a little nervous before trying on a wiggle dress – my hesitation lies with past experiences of wiggles with zero stretch, straining to fit over thighs and bottom, but being ridiculously big at the waist and bust.
I’ve learnt that stretch is a MUST with my pear shape and when I first received the Zoe Dress, I was initially concerned that there simply wouldn’t be enough of it. The fabric is described on the Stop Staring website as being a ‘four-way stretch tropical fabric’. It doesn’t have quite as much stretch as their fabulous millennial bengaline fabric used on the Billion Dollar Baby Dress I recently reviewed but it was surprisingly a pretty perfect fit!

I am wearing a size larger than that in the Billion Dollar Baby to accommodate that there’s less stretch so this is a size Medium. While it could be a little tighter in the bust and waist, a quick cinch with a belt takes care of things pretty easily. The Medium allows for a touch more room in the hips and I felt absolutely amazing when I wore it!

Despite my initial hesitation, I really love the four way stretch fabric of the Zoe Dress – I feel like it has just the right amount of stretch to fit over my curves but not so much that it rides up when walking. I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage and could easily sit and pose without feeling like I was going to bust a seam. And since I know some of you will ask, the shapewear is a pair of Maidenform Shaping shorts- no corset, just the belt to cinch.

In term of how this fits versus the Stop Staring size chart, I’d say it’s reasonably accurate. My current measurements are 35″ Bust, 26″ Waist and 41″(ish) Hips. The size Medium lists the ideal measurements to be 36-28-39 so there’s definitely the ability to size down in the hips like I have if needed. While there is stretch in the fabric, the seams and bust details mean that I would be weary sizing down for measurements on top. You could probably get away with a inch, but be careful of any more than that.

Dress | Stop Staring
Belt | Vintage
Shoes | Royal Vintage Shoes
Earrings | Pinup Girl Clothing

The Zoe Dress comes in sizes XS to 2XL and is US$165. It’s definitely helping to reignite my love for wiggle dresses and I was so happy to be pleasantly surprised with this style!

Thank you so much to Tigz Rice for these beautiful photos inside Fontaine’s in London. I’m really looking forward to sharing more from this shoot with Tigz in the coming weeks.


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. I have been thinking about a wiggle dress of late, I am currently pregnant but due very soon and I am thinking a nice sexy wiggle will do me just fine when my body has evened out a bit. You have exactly the same measurements as me (pre-pregnancy) so to know of this brand is very helpful!! x

  2. This dress is just amazing and you look very vavavoom in it! I am always a little afraid of wiggle dresses because they are so form fitting, I am very concious of the little tummy that I just can’t seem to get rid off and I just love swing skirts and dresses more since you can hide a lot in them from the waist down. Perhaps I also have to get out of my comfort zone a lot more.

  3. Thank you for this post.It help me a lot, also in mentally too. I have struggled so so many years with eatingdisorder because I felt my body so weird.Smaller bust than bottom and small waist,no dresses fit no trousers fit.I just have teenagers bust and fat but.
    Then I saw you,you have pear shape body too but still,you look absolutely stunning,and so beautiful and sexy too!And with your advice with dresses and other clothing, I have realised that my body can look good too with right choosed Materials .I still have those depress days ,when I just have to try on some lovely dress and it doesen’t fit ,once again .But I’m better now,most of the time.
    You have helped me a lot.So thank you so so much!

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