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I’ll tell it to you straight – I am a big lover of cosy pajamas and fluffy dressing gowns, especially in the depths of the dark winter. BUT, I also love to have a little collection of slightly more sophisticated and glamourous loungewear for when you are wanting to feel a little more lush. Bonus points if said loungewear is something that I can answer the door to the post man.

The new 1930s Lounging Robe in Peach by What Katie Did provides just that: it’s elegant wrap bust, butterfly sleeves and ankle length makes you feel like you are on a set of a silent film but should reality hit, there’s no see through bits or plunging necklines to make things awkward when accepting your parcels!

This robe is the latest addition to What Katie Did’s gorgeous peach satin pieces. While I’ve not been one for wearing much black in recent years, I’ve almost always chosen black when it came to underwear. The peach from What Katie Did however, has really plucked on my heartstrings and I adore how the colour really creates that true vintage underwear feel.

I’m wearing a size small in the 1930s Lounging robe and while it is designed with tying the bow at the back, I really loved the look of tying it at the side in these pictures. The peach satin is beautifully flowy and the butterfly sleeves are definitely my favourite design element. Paired with the robe, is the Peach Glamour Nouveau Bra  which provides a great amount of lift and great for someone who isn’t as comfortable with the more traditional vintage cone bra shape.

I’m also wearing the Morticia Extreme Corset in Peach (size 22)- I don’t wear corsets regularly but I do love the enhanced silhouette that they provide. I’ve probably tried on all of the corset styles from What Katie Did at some point and the Morticia has always been my favourite. As someone with a large hip-to-waist ratio, the Morticia Extreme is absolutely perfect as it has slightly more curve than that of the regular Morticia. Once again, I love having a corset in a colour other than black and the peach is just so soft and feminine!

Finally, I’m wearing the Peach French Knickers which I thought would NEVER work for my pear shape, but to my surprise, actually make me feel pretty damn cute! I’m wearing a size 12 which I thought could be a little risky given that there’s no stretch to the fabric and I am definitely not normally a size 12 in knickers. But they fit wonderfully! The side button closure makes it easy to get them on and off and the waist fits well when I’m not corseted – for these pictures I just used a safety pin to cinch the waist at the back.

Of course nothing is complete without a pair of the What Katie Did Glamour Stockings, my favourite stockings out there! I love the classic champagne/latte colour with any of the peach pieces and while there is the ability to add suspender straps to the corset itself, I simply wore the Harlow Suspender Belt underneath the corset to attach my stockings to.

Bra | Glamour Nouveau
Corset | Morticia Extreme
Knickers | French Knickers
Robe | 1930s Lounging Robe
Stockings | Latte Glamour Stockings
Suspender Belt | Harlow Suspender Belt
Hair Flower | Shazam Pinup Flowers
Earrings | Revival Retro

All of these pieces shown here also come in black which I know would look equally as incredible. Simply head on over to the What Katie Did website to browse through all the beautiful stockings, lingerie, shapewear, corsets and loungewear on offer.

Which colour would you love this set in? Classic black or perfectly peach?


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Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me, as are my readers.

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  1. I have the Peach French Knickers from my wedding! They are so silky smooth and were perfect with my Maroon stockings under my dress. Absolutely love!

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