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Murad Skincare | REVIEW

Just a word of warning: This is going to be a lengthy post!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now, but I wanted to ensure I waited long enough to really know how Murad Skincare works with my skin and not jump the gun singing it’s praises, only to realise something actually doesn’t work a few weeks down the line.

First up, I think it’s important to touch about my skin type and history – some of this information has already covered in previous blog posts/youtube videos/social posts so apologies if you’ve already seen them.

The below post was from December 2016

At the start of puberty (11-12), I began to get acne which was reasonably prominent until about age 15-16 when it did start to calm down. At 17, I went on the contraceptive pill and as I have PCOS, the pill prescribed also helps with acne – yay! So the next 10 years were acne free, save for of course the occasional bout around my period.

In June 2016, I decided that 10 years was a long time to be on daily medication and wanted to see how I’d fare without it. I had hoped that I would have grown out of my teenage acne but NOPE, my skin flared up and really was not happy. I tried many different remedies like giving up dairy but after 6 months of feeling like hardly any progress was being made, I went back on the pill. (I also was not enjoying the heavy, painful periods returning!).
It took probably 6 months for my skin to finally recover but I’m hardly never blemish free – there’s always a spot or two around my chin, more when I’m coming up to my period.

my skin in January 2018

Throughout this experience, I’ve been aware that using the right skincare products can definitely help but it can be hard finding the right products – and it’s a nightmare when one doesn’t work and it’s literally money down the drain! I’ve used decent quality skincare for quite a few years now, never supermarket brands but with my skin being more problematic and approaching 30, I wanted to up my game. Which is where Murad comes in.

I had never heard of Murad until a friend of mine Rachel ( recommended the Murad Age Balancing Moisturiser, which she swore had helped her with hormonal breakouts. I was initially wary of trying it because I know how easily a product can work for one person but not for the next. However, she really did sing it’s praises so I gave it a go.
And I loved it. The only thing I didn’t love was the price – at £60, it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a skincare product. When I ran out of the first tube, I went back to a previously used Guinot moisturizer that was cheaper but quickly missed the Murad one. I can’t say if it helped my skin drastically as I think the pill is doing a lot of that BUT I did love the way it made my skin feel so hydrated and it works beautifully under foundation. Plus, it’s SPF30 which is fantastic. I’ve now been using it for coming up 9 months and not looking to change anytime soon!

In September, I was coming to the end of some of my other products I’d been using and decided that I wanted to switch all my skincare over to Murad. Luckily there is a counter at my local John Lewis which was great as I really wanted to be able to talk to a expert to get the right products since I wasn’t all that familiar with them.
The lady was absolutely lovely and I explained that I have acne prone skin and that I was looking for a cleanser, night crème (I’d been using the Age Balancing one at both morning and night) and perhaps a serum.

For the night crème, I went with the Age Balancing Night Crème since I’d had such success with it’s day-cream sister. I really love this product, I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling moisturized and baby soft- it seems to keep it hydrated all through the night without feeling overly heavy and oily,

I also went with the Renewing Eye Cream from the Resurgence range as it was free in a deal they had. I haven’t ever used a eye cream regularly but it’s now become part of my routine. I can get puffy eyes which make the lines under my eyes more prominent and I do think the eye crème helps.

For cleanser and serum, she recommended the Essential C Cleanser and Advanced Active Radiance Serum (both from the Environmental Shield range) due to the fact that I also felt like I had some pigmentation from the acne but unfortunately I later found out that these products are not good for acne prone skin. I became suspicious that something was wrong when I seemed to get more pimples than usual and also a sort of bumpiness above my lip and on my nose that I’d never experienced before. It was about 4 or 5 weeks after I had first started using them that I had these suspicions confirmed: I went for a facial at the Caci Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand who use Murad and the beautician was surprised that I’d been recommended the Environmental Shield products considering I was prone to acne as it can actually cause more.

Naturally, I was a little disappointed that I’d been recommended a product that despite ensuring that that the sales rep knew the history of my skin, was not the right thing for me. However, these things happen and so after the appointment at the Caci Clinic, I bought a the Daily Cleansing Foam from the Pore Reform Range and the Rapid Collagen Infusion Serum to replace the two products that were not working for me. A very expensive exercise but I felt confident that I could trust this beauticians advice. I’ve been using both these products for 3 months now and they’ve been great – the Daily Cleansing Foam is gentle, removes any makeup residue and while technically it’s not meant to be used around the eye area, I have no problems with giving them a little rub – and my eyes are prone to sensitivity.

The Rapid Collagen Infusion Serum is also a great product- I only use it at night to help make it last longer but also because I find that it doesn’t sit very well under foundation.

All in all, I am really happy with my current combination of products, despite the issues earlier on. I also use Micellar Water as my toner and occasionally LUSH Dark Angels to exfoliate although I’ve recently bought a Magnitone Cleansing Brush which works wonderfully and has meant that I don’t need Dark Angels as much.

Finding a good skincare range that works for you is really important, especially if you have problems to like acne to deal with, so I’m very happy to have found something that works for me! You can read some of my other skincare posts here.


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