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As time has passed, I’ve stopped battling with my body shape and come to love and accept it for what it is. However, from time to time, a little frustration creeps in, and normally for me, it’s regarding not being able to buy a vintage suit skirt and jacket! Being a super pear shape, I am around about a 8-10 (UK) in my bust and waist but at least a 14 in my hips. So buying any kind of set just doesn’t work as whatever fits on top, won’t fit down the bottom and vice versa.

Because of this, I always get ridiculously excited when I see any kind of vintage reproduction suiting and Revival Retro have been totally NAILING the game in recent months. With both a online presence and a brick and motar store in the heart of London city, Revival Retro has always been a stockist for perfect fit and great quality pieces from designers around the world. However, in the last year, owner Rowena has delved into the world of design and production herself, maintaining that focus on top notch fabrics, construction and the all important fit, and created some incredible designs.

When I first saw photos on their Instagram feed of the latest skirt and jacket combo they’d come up with, I knew it would be a winner for my body shape! While I love a traditional suit jacket that comes more to the hips, I really liked the look of the Flattering Fit Cropped Jacket and how it stopped right and the waist- a part I always love to have defined and that sometimes can be lost in a longer jacket.

With the London store in easy reach for me, I took a trip to visit the lovely ladies there and to try this beauty on. I was immediately impressed with the softness of the fabric which is a wool mix – perfect for keeping toasty! The fabric used is actually Italian cloth, imported into the UK where it’s made in a local London factory. Both the skirt and the jacket is lined in a contrasting purple-brown colour and the construction of the garments is faultless.

I took my normal UK size 10 in the jacket which is a perfect fit- enough room in the bust to be able to wear a thicker layer underneath if needed, although in these pictures, I’m simply wearing a blouse. A simple yet effective design, the four matching grey buttons and subtle collar detailing make this the ideal staple jacket for your wardrobe.
On myself, I preferred the look of it buttoned up but it looks equally gorgeous left open too. Revival Retro have really kept women with curves in mind when designing this jacket as the clever vent at the back means that there’s still the ability to move in it when it is fully closed.

With a jacket such as this, you don’t necessarily need to wear it with a matching bottom half but should you decide you want to, there’s actually two different options- Culottes or the Handy Pocket Pencil Skirt!
While the ladies of the shop absolutely rock the Culottes, they are just one of those items that frightens me a little so I happily opted for the skirt. And what a skirt it is!
A beautiful A-Line shape with deep pockets that are big enough to fit your lippy, iPhone and any other essential items a modern woman might need.

My 26″ waist needed a size 6 in this skirt and in many situations, especially with a A-Line skirt, this would have meant that my hips would have maxxed out the skirt. But that was not the situation with this beauty, the fit still looked great and no trip to the tailor needed- HUZZAH!

With the grey, I decided to accessorize with some subtle pops of purple in the shoes, corsage and earrings to jazz things up a little.

Jacket & Skirt | Revival Retro
Shoes | Miss L Fire via Revival Retro
Corsage | Shazam Pinup Flowers
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones

The Flattering Fit Cropped Jacket (sizes 8-16) is £189 and the Handy Pocket Skirt (sizes 6-18) is £98. As I mentioned earlier in the post, this isn’t Revival Retro’s first foray into suiting and they have a couple of other jacket styles in both this grey and a beautiful brown tweed. So make sure you check out their website or visit their store in London if you are local – they are currently starting to get all the new Spring season in too so it’s well worth the look!

Thank you so much to Tigz Rice for capturing this outfit so beautifully!


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Disclaimer: Whilst the Flattering Fit Cropped Jacket and Handy Pocket Skirt was gifted to me, I never accept anything I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. That suit is amazing on you! I have lots of “battles ” with my bear shaped body , and always happy when I find some lovely clothes that could fit on me too.Unfortunately my bust size is mostly 4-6 so it’s very difficult to find someting that fits properly.
    With your help ,I have become a little closer accepting my body as it is. You are so gorgeous and lovely, genuine person ,and your posts are so helpfull! So thank you for sharing❤

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