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If you are a Northern Hemisphere dweller, then chances are you are HANGING OUT for spring and breaking out the floral dresses and bare shoulders. Especially after last weeks Siberian chill that swept across Europe and the UK… yeesh!

While it might not be *quite* warm enough yet, the daffodils and blossoms are starting to bloom and I’m excited to bring you a gorgeous dress that’s sure to help bring you out of the winter blues. The Botanical Bloom Brigitte Dress by Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture is basically the epitome of spring, all sewn up into a delightful swing dress!

Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture is a brand based in Australia and the dresses have a wonderful mix of classic inspiration mixed in with modern interpretation. The Brigitte Dress really caught my eye thanks to it’s unique double criss-cross neckline and of course the print- as a floral dress collector, how could I not love this print?

Featuring a super full skirt with box pleats, matching belt and pockets (YAS!), this dress feels expertly crafted and the fabric (100% Cotton) has a weight to it that means you know it’s high quality. As this was my first Cherry Bomb Dress, sizing was something that needed to be worked out. I’ve lost a little bit of weight recently and so now measure 34.5″ in the bust and 26″ in the waist – according to the Cherry Bomb size chart, a size 8 would be best for my bust however I actually found it quite roomy! So I exchanged it for the size 6 which was a much better fit.

One of the things that I love about this dress is that the belt ACTUALLY FITS MY WAIST. Seriously, 90% of the time the matching belts for dresses are so big, especially compared to the listed waist size for the garment, and I don’t understand. It is so nice to have a perfectly fitting belt that doesn’t require me to hack extra holes into.

Another plus? This dress is available in sizes 4-26!

Now, with a print like this, I feel like accessories really don’t need to be a huge feature. I definitely wanted to include a hair flower and colour shoes but wanted them to blend and match with the dress so it doesn’t become overwhelming. And with so many different shades of pinks, greens and even lavender, you won’t find it hard to accessorize.

Dress | Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture
Shoes | Miss L Fire
Hair Flower | Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers
Bangles | Splendette
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones

The Botanical Bloom Brigette Dress from Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture is AU$239 with international shipping, AfterPay available for Australian residents AND if you sign up to their newsletter, you get 10% off your next order!

Thank you so much to Tigz Rice for these spring feeling photos! We’d had to postpone this shoot due to the British weather not playing nice and it certainly wasn’t feeling particularly sping-like on the day, but the sun was out and I was able to duck under my coat in between photos!

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Disclaimer: While this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. OH! That dress is gorgeous. It is so colorful and just right for Spring. You look so lovely in the outfit.

  2. Dress is so beautiful!I love those colors , that bright pink is my favourite! and the best think,it’s great that there is so many sizes available.And you look so gorgeous with that dress!

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