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Serena | HARLOW & FOX

I’ve always loved feminine, lacy lingerie and in the last couple of months, I’ve really enjoyed getting a little bit more adventurous during photoshoots and shooting more lingerie sets. My most recent photoshoot was with Tigz Rice for UK brand Harlow & Fox.

 Harlow & Fox are a luxurious brand that use high quality lace and materials sourced from around Europe. As soon as you unwrap your immaculately packaged lingerie, you can immediately see and feel that this is no ordinary underwear. The exquisite fabric is so lush to touch, it almost feels too good to wear!

I was invited to choose a Harlow & Fox set to try and while all of them are stunning, it was the Serena in Ivory that I loved the most. The delicate tones are so soft yet still glamourous and I think part of me fell in love with it because it’s basically my dream wedding lingerie – and I had such a hard time finding anything when I got married 4 years ago.

Serena Ivory Bra
Let’s begin with the bra: Available in sizes 30DD-38G, I was a little bit unsure of what size I would be as I’ve lost a little bit of weight recently and a lot off my bust! I guessed I was about a 34DD which is the size that I’m wearing in these photos. It was just a *touch* too big in both the cup and the back, so I’ve since exchanged it for a size 32DD which is both a size down in the band and the cup and is much better.

The Serena Bra is lined in a nude net (so there’s no itchy-ness from the lace), framed with ivory silk and finished off with gold rings and sliders.

Serena Ivory Classic Brief
The briefs were the item that I was most concerned about sizing but I actually had nothing to worry about! My initial hesitation was due to past experiences with lace knickers and the fabric not being stretchy enough to accommodate my curves. The Serena Briefs are beautifully made, and the lace has enough stretch and give to the fabric to hug your shape without digging in. Featuring a keyhole back and pearl bead detail, I’m wearing a size 14 which is the perfect fit.

Serena Ivory Suspender Belt
The Suspender Belt is my favourite part of this set! Featuring 6 satin covered straps and boning to help keep the shape, it really completes the look when paired with the Bra and Briefs. I did find the satin straps quite hard to adjust in length BUT the benefit of this is that they stay in place really well- I often find the adjusters on my suspender belts move down throughout the day but I don’t think there will be any problem with this belt.

I found the Serena Suspender Belt the trickiest to fit as I have a large difference between my waist and hips, more than the average. With any suspender belt, it’s always best to go by your waist size and with a 26″ waist, it was a toss up between the small and the medium. The small fitted my waist best but did cut into my hips. The medium helped reduce that problem however then seemed a little baggy at the top. So I settled on the small and fastened it on the loosest hook towards the bottom. Ideally, for someone with my shape, I need just a little bit more curve to the shape of the belt.

Serena Ivory Feather Kimono
The final piece from this set is definitely the most dramatic and perfect for some luxurious lounging in your boudoir if you are lucky enough to have one! Or slightly more practically, a special occasion like your wedding day! Nothing says Old Hollywood more than a sheer, feather trimmed robe, don’t you think?
I certainly felt utterly decadent while I had it on!

Lingerie | Harlow & Fox
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If you are looking for high quality lingerie then you won’t be disappointed in the Serena set from Harlow and Fox! Their pieces are more expensive than the majority of vintage inspired lingerie brands on the market but I think the high quality fabric and construction speaks for itself as to why.

Thank you so much to Tigz Rice for another stunning set of images! These were taking in her studio boudoir (which is available for bookings!) and I love the contrast between the softness of the colour of the lingerie against the dark interiors.

You can shop the whole range here and if your heart desires something bespoke or perhaps need a size outside of the standard size offerings, then Harlow & Fox also offer custom orders!

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Disclaimer: While this lingerie set was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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