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Gigi Fluted Sleeve Pencil Dress | THE PRETTY DRESS COMPANY

The Pretty Dress Company is known within the vintage reproduction world as creating some incredible high quality, show stopping and iconic dresses like the Fatale Embroidered Prom Dress. But they also create some beautiful, classic silhouettes that can certainly still pass as being vintage inspired, but have a more simple take on the style.

I have always felt that dresses like the Gigi Fluted Sleeve Pencil Dress would be a fantastic option for a vintage lover who works in a corporate environment or even a non-vintage lover who simply want a well-made, high quality pencil dress with a nod to era’s gone by.

The Gigi Fluted Sleeve Pencil Dress features a flattering square neckline with a fitted pencil skirt with stretch control lining, below the knee hemline and fluted sleeves. It really is a timeless silhouette that won’t go out of fashion and with The Pretty Dress Companies focus on high quality fabrics and wonderful construction, the dress itself will last through many seasons as well.

I am wearing a size 8 which is my usual size in the The Pretty Dress Company for most items – for reference, I am about 33-34″ in the bust depending on what bra I’m wearing, 25″ in the waist and around 40″ in the hips.
According to the size chart, these measurements put me in the size 8 for my bust and waist, but a size 10 for my hips. However, most of the pencil dresses have a lot of stretch to them so I can squeeze into the smaller of the two sizes to make sure the top half isn’t too big. I did find that the fabric of this dress has a little less stretch than some that I’ve previously modelled in like the Tilly Pencil Dress so sitting down was a little more constricted than normal!

My advice would be that if you are like me, and need two different sizes, go by your hip size and either use a belt to cinch in the waist or have it tailored to fit.

The Gigi Fluted Sleeve Pencil Dress is £125, comes in sizes 8 – 18 and also available in black. If you fancy more variety of colours, there’s some very similar dresses with differing necklines and more exaggerated fluted sleeves like the Gia and the Odelle that have a plethora of colour options.

Thank you to Tigz Rice for capturing the Gigi Fluted Sleeve Pencil Dress in Paris – The burgandy colour is absolutely beautiful with the velvet furniture and opulent décor!

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