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If you are up to date with my latest blog posts, then you will have already seen this dress style a week or two ago but in the lush gold sequins. The Pretty Dress Company have produced the Millie One Shoulder Bow Gown in a few different style options including a knee length version (which will be coming up next!).

While a full length gold sequinned dress is always going to command attention, I feel like this super striking hot pink does so just as much! Pink can be one of those colours that can be shied away from in vast quantities – I know personally that I avoided ALL pink for years as I felt like it became too obviously ‘girlie’ along with my very feminine style. But now I don’t care at all and own SO MUCH PINK!

The Millie Bow Gown is fully lined and the fabric is made from a poly/spandex blend so there’s a lot of stretch. I’m wearing my usual size 8 which is a really good fit, in fact I think it fits me better than the gold sequinned one – I mentioned in that post that it could be have been more fitted around the stomach area but I didn’t have this problem with the hot pink, probably due to the differing fabrics.

This dress has a killer slit up the left side to really create a statement! I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything quite so ‘red carpet’ feeling but I loved it! Just do bear in mind that if you are like me and tend to size down in the hip area (technically I should be wearing a size 10 for my hips but then the top half would be too big), then you will end up stretching that slit open to make it even more dramatic!

The Millie Bow Gown by The Pretty Dress Company is £185 and comes in sizes 8 – 18.  If you are in need of a gown for any occasion, The Pretty Dress Company is the place to go! No other vintage reproduction company (that I’m aware of!) does such a great range of full length gowns, just use the search function and type ‘gown’ to see what they offer.

Thank you to Tigz Rice for another stunning set of photos! It is with a heavy heart I say that my next post will be the last *sniff* to feature her photos for some time, until we meet up in Europe next year. She always does such a fab job and I love sharing them with you all!

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