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Tilly Pencil Dress in Tartan | THE PRETTY DRESS COMPANY

I’m back with a final set of images from The Pretty Dress Company series in Gothenburg! This time, it’s the Tilly Pencil Dress in Tartan for a show-stopping wiggle!

I’ve already sung many praises for the Tilly Dress in my previous posts – it really does have to be my favourite style they’ve bought out to date. And the great thing about The Pretty Dress Company is that they almost always will do two versions of a dress: a pencil or a prom (swing) which means that there’s something for everyone.

Personally, I do USUALLY opt for a swing version of a dress but I also absolutely adore the pencil version of the Tilly. I think that the sleeker shape through the hips really helps the bows on the shoulders to stand out and take centre stage. Plus, as mentioned in the previous post, this dress is so well made that I don’t get any of that dreaded skirt ‘ride-up’ when I walk.

This classic tartan is so simple yet striking, and versatile for many occasions. And since I’ve just come back from Disney World, I can’t help but throw in how AMAZING this would be incorporated into a Merida disneybound!

The Tilly Pencil Dress in Tartan is £129 and comes in sizes 8 – 18 and in a variety of other beautiful colours too. If you happen to be needing something a even more glam for the holiday season, then they also have a select few colours in a floor length gown style!

Thank you once again to the very talented Tigz Rice for her work on these images, and to Hotel Pigalle for their hospitality back in October. Out of the 4 Tilly Dresses that I’ve now shared, which is your favourite?

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  1. This dress looks incredible on you! Do you mind me asking what you wore underneath? I have confidence issues with pencil skirts/ dresses. Is it that corset/ shapewear combo that you’ve written about before?

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