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I might be turning 29 tomorrow, but I refuse to grow out of Disney. The world of Disney and all the emotions that it can evoke really is magical and in the last 5 years, we’ve been lucky to be able to travel to Disneyland in California, Disneyland in Paris, and in November last year, we finally got to Walt Disney World in Orlando!

It was the a 5 night stop on the way from Europe, back home to New Zealand. If you’ve been following me on social media, you’d have seen us travelling around Europe for a couple of months after our UK visa expired. It was a bit of a heartbreak finally having to leave and come home to New Zealand but the blow was softened by a stop at Disney World!

With all our other trips to Disney parks, we had only ever had time for one day, never more than that. So to have 4 full days of magic was a exciting prospect! Of course, I had to do a vintage inspired Disneybound for each day and it was so fun planning it – especially since I knew I would be going from ginger to blonde just the week beforehand! With that in mind, I decided to focus on my favourite blondies!

For those of you who don’t know what a Disneybound is, basically it’s grown out of the Disney rule that adults can’t enter the park dressed up as characters- which I think is fair enough as you don’t want to ruin the magic for little kids. So a Disneybound is when you dress up as a character but without actually being in costume. This can be as simple as using the colours in a costume, to something more elaborate and creative. I went as full-on as I could because YOLO – amirite?

Day One – Cinderella

We were pretty tired from our flight from Dublin the day before, but we set off bright and early to Epcot! Since we were staying at The Dolphin, it was a easy and relaxing boat ride to the gates.

I didn’t really know what to expect from Epcot and some parts was surprising and not particularly ‘Disney’ feeling but I loved walking around International Gateway and seeing all the different countries represented! My favourite ride was Frozen Ever After and I had the first of many Mickey Pretzels!

Top | Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt | WishesandWardrobes / @rahygray
Petticoat | Malco Modes
Shoes | Melissa
Stockings | What Katie Did
Bangles | Splendette
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones
Hair Scarf and Necklace | Vintage

Day Two – Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

Magic Kingdom! Oh my goodness, as much as the other parks are fun and exciting, Magic Kingdom has my heart. We were there right on opening so managed to do Pirates of the Carribean and Splash Mountain all before 9.30am!

We had a wonderful day going on as many rides as we could, meeting so many Princesses, eating vegan treats like Ice Cream and Mickey Pretzel and just relishing in being in the most beautiful park.

Black Top and Skirt | Violets in May
White Top | Pinup Girl Clothing
Headband | Claire’s
Earrings | Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Petticoat | Malco Modes
Stockings | What Katie Did
Bag | Lucky Lou Shoes
Shoes | M&S

Day Three – Mrs Potts (Beauty and the Beast)

We knew that Hollywood Studios had some great rides, so we got there right on rope drop and made a beeline for the newest and most popular ride- Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land. Turns out, the rest of the park had the same idea so we still ending up waiting for nearly 90 minutes, but it was worth it!

Matt’s favourite ride was the Tower of Terror (I was glad I did it, but had absolutely no desire to go again!) but I really loved the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster! I also really enjoyed the mid-century feel to so many of the buildings in the park and we had a super fun lunch at the drive in style restaurant.

Dress | Vintage Inspired by Jackie
Cardigan | Emmy Designs
Bag | Danielle Nicole
Shoes | Fred Perry
Petticoat | Malco Modes
Stockings | What Katie Did
Bangles and Earrings | Splendette
Mickey Ears | Cheeky Beans

Day Four – Rapunzel (Tangled)

The final day! We spent the morning at Disney Springs to do a spot of shopping at Sephora for me and Under Armour for Matt, and then returned to Magic Kingdom because I just can’t get enough of it! We did a few of our favourite rides again, plus some we hadn’t got the chance to the previous day, and just tried to enjoy every moment of our last day there.

Dress | Vintage Inspired by Jackie
Bag | Danielle Nicole
Mickey Ears | PreciousWonderland
Petticoat | Malco Modes
Stockings | What Katie Did
Shoes | Melissa
Earrings and Bangles | Splendette
Belt | Pinup Girl Clothing

We had such a great time for our first trip to Disney World and I’m so glad we had 4 days, even if we still didn’t manage to do everything!

Dressing up as my favourite Disney characters is always so much fun and I’d like to keep doing some Disneybound posts for this blog and YouTube channel this year – what do you think? Let me know in the comment which character you’d like to see me bound as!

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  1. Oh thanks Ella, we’re doing dapper day on our Viva trip and I was quite confused about the disneybounding part and all the different tickets and add ons. I’m overwhelmed but so terribly excited too! This post has definitely helped.

    • No problem! Just so you know, Dapper Day isn’t necessarily about Disneybounding, more just about getting dressed up! But of course you can Disneybound if you want too ❤️

  2. I am off to Disneyland in April and you have inspired me to be creative in my outfit choices. So I will be busily sewing and organising. Thank you ❤️. Happy birthday.

  3. I followed every day of your visit and enjoyed it thoroughly- and it helped inspire me that we CAN go places looking good AND be comfortable too! We Americans have equated sloppy with comfort for too long, and it’s not necessary. Thanks so much- I’d never heard of Disneybound, but learn so much from you!

  4. I love all of these, but Briar Rose is my fave!! Do you find the seamed stockings look good with flats? I’m new to seams, but only feel confident in them with heels!! Would love some advice on wearing them 🙂

    • I prefer them with heels but there’s no way I was wearing heels for this haha! And it was actually quite cool when we were there so I wanted some extra warmth ❤️

  5. I love all those outfits, i am going to Disneyland Paris end of march for my birthday, i am planning Some bounds to, Mickey mouse, Ariel, and maybe a Belle or a Merida not quite sure yet.

  6. LOVE all your outfits! Just curious, how on earth do you keep your hair and make up looking immaculate after going on the rides?! Do you pop a scarf over your hair or something?
    I went on the Guardians of the Galaxy (aka Tower of Terror) at California Adventure las month, and afterwards my liquid eyeliner was all over my face haha! Definitely was not a fan of that ride…

    • Well! With the really fast rides, I end up closing my eyes half the time haha! But there’s definitely been times that my eyeliner has run a little!
      For hair, one of the reasons that I did the front fringey style was that it’s pretty secure, especially when I put a fine hair net over! And on the days when I had my hair down at the back, I just had a big clip to clip quickly clip it up when I went on a ride. It definitely still got a little messed up, especially in the humidity… I was having too much fun to care though!

  7. Hi there Ella!
    I’m looking over this glorious Disney post again for some help with my Spring Dapper Day outfits, and I was wondering which Malco Modes petticoat you used for this trip… You always have the right amount of poof and flair, and I was thinking that it’s about time for me to get on that level with my own MM petticoat! If you could help, I’d be super grateful

    Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work!!

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