January 2019 | MY STYLE ROUND UP

It’s been a longgggg time since I’ve done one of these! For years, I documented my outfits in a weekly post right here on my blog, a series called ‘My Week In Outfits’ (which is always so fun to look back at and see how my style has evolved!). Life got busier and when I went self-employed, I found I wasn’t dressing up quite as often during the week as a lot of the time I would be working from home, so I switched to a monthly round up… then life got even busier and that fell by the wayside too!

However, I really want to make the time to start this up again, so welcome back to the first MY STYLE ROUND UP of 2019!

Skirt & Blouse | Emmy Designs
Shoes | Miss L Fire
Flowers | Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers
Bangles & Earrings | Splendette
Bag | True Vintage

Dress | TrashyDiva
Shoes | BAIT Footwear
Flowers | Shazam Pinup Flowers
Bangles | Splendette
Earrings | True Vintage

Skirt & Top| La Femme en Noir
Corset | What Katie Did
Belt | Tatyana Boutique
Shoes | Pinup Couture
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones

Top & Skirt | Miss Nouvelle
Shoes | Charlie Stone Shoes
Bangles & Earrings | Splendette
Hair Flower | Sophisticated Lady Hair flowers

Dress | True Vintage
Shoes | BAIT Footwear
Bag | True Vintage
Earrings & Bangles | Splendette
Hair Flower | Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers
Belt | Pinup Girl Clothing

Dress | Miss Candyfloss
Shoes | Melissa
Earrings & Bangles | Splendette
Hair Flowers | Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers

Dress | Zoe Vine
Belt | Vixen by Micheline Pitt
Earrings | Splendette
Hair Flower | Sophisticated Lady Hair Flowers

Dress | Trashy Diva
Shoes | Charlie Stone Shoes
Headband | Sarah’s Doo Wop Do’s
Belt | True Vintage
Bangles | Splendette
Earrings | @elizabethtaylorplus

Top | Violets in May
Skirt | Miss Fortune
Shoes | Rocket Originals
Bangles, Earrings & Necklace | Splendette
Belt | True Vintage

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