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Mirella Swing Dress | COLLECTIF CLOTHING

New season Collectif Clothing is starting to come out and I know for a lot of my European and UK readers, Summer may seem like a distant dream…
But before you know it those beautiful bluebells will be popping up from the barren winter landscape, the days will lengthen and the promise of sunshine will be upon you!

Now, I’m not a massive frequenter of thrift stores, I find I don’t have the patience and prefer to look in dedicated vintage stores that isn’t full of 90s adidas tracksuits. But I know one of the thrills for thrifters is that item that you pluck from obscurity, that looks a bit hit or miss on the hanger, but is phenmonal once your try it on… it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Well, I kinda feel this way about the Mirella Plain Swing Dress, one of the newest designs from Collectif’s Spring/Summer collection. Don’t get me wrong- at no point did I think this was going to be a ‘miss’, but I was unsure if it was going to be a ‘hit’.
The Mirella is somewhat more understated than a lot of the other dresses in the collection so I just feel like it can easily be overlooked and not given the attention that it deserves. I am guilty of this – I could see the potential, but once I had it in my hands and tried it on, I knew I had discovered a new favourite.

So what made me fall so much in love with this dress? Firstly, the comfort and the fit!
The fabric is a crepe chiffon that has stretch to it so it is so comfortable to wear. I’m able to get that nice fitted look, while feeling no restrictions on movement.

Secondly, the little details that make this self described ‘plain’ dress have a little bit of character. I love that the peter pan collar doesn’t meet in the middle -it helps to keep things feel a bit more ‘open’ somehow, and slightly less demure?

The keyhole sleeve details with self tying bows are such a sweet touch both aesthetically and on a fit level. One problem that can arise with cuffed sleeves like these is that sometimes they can be too tight and restrictive on your upper arms. Thanks to the combination of the give to the fabric and the ability to tie the bow yourself, this isn’t a issue. There’s not quite enough length for a proper ‘bow’, so I just did a double knot.
Pro-tip: You’ll get a nicer looking knot if you either get someone to do it for you or tie it before you put it on.

Next, I love the fullness of the skirt! Combined with the crepe chiffon, the fullness becomes extra floaty and swishy.

Finally, I always appreciate a belt situation, and I really like that this is just a tie belt in the same green of the dress. The pictures on the website have the bow at the front, but I liked the cleaner, sleeker look of doing it at the back – it means it doesn’t distract from the collar feature.

My only criticism of this dress is a small thing – that there’s a fold of fabric underneath the collar that creates a bit of a line across the bust. It would have been good if this was either not as long, or it went all the way down to the waist as lining to prevent this.

I’m wearing a size UK8 which is pretty much what my measurements (34-25-40) come under on the size chart – apart from the hips, but that doesn’t matter with a swing dress. Given the stretch to this fabric, I would say that if you are inbetween sizes then you might be able to size down! But the style of this dress is such that if it is on the bigger side, I think it would still look really lovely and floaty.

Dress | Collectif Clothing
Hat | Prettie Lanes
Shoes | BAIT Footwear
Flowers | Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers
Bangle | Splendette
Bag | True Vintage
Earrings | True Vintage

If you are stuck on possible accessories, there’s some great things on the Collectif Website you could get to match – for instance, these Lulu Hun shoes would be PERFECT, along with a Lydia Hair Flower and why not some pearly Seashell Party Earrings that will tie in with the cream of the collar?
The Mirella Swing Dress comes in size 6 – 22 (2XS – 4XL) and is £65. Shop the latest arrivals from Collectif here.

Special thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the dreamiest set of summer images I think we have ever done. These are definitely a new favourite of mine and I adore how they turned out!

Disclaimer: While this photoshoot/blog post is sponsored by Collectif Clothing but this does not affect my opinions and all statements expressed are honest and my own.

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  1. This dress hadn’t caught my eye AT ALL on the website, it wasn’t even close to making it to my wishlist, but now that I’ve seen it on you, it’s like it came to life – completely different dress and definitely a ‘must have’ now! Love your reviews <3

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