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For 6 weeks at the end of last year, I went on tour around Europe teaching my vintage hair and makeup workshops. I travelled to Barcelona, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Aarau, Berlin and Paris and for some of those stops, my good friend and boudoir photographer extraordinaire Tigz Rice joined me so that we could also offer Makeover and Photoshoot sessions.

Rebecca Tropp (@tropp91) | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg
Eryqah (@eryqah) | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg

Now, if I might say so myself, we are a great team together. As well as being a incredible photographer, Tigz is also a genunine, kind and caring human being – which not only makes her easy to work with, but also to travel with! With Tigz behind the camera and me in charge of hair and makeup, everything went off without a hitch.

Pixie Magique | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg

Mona (@badhairgoodshoes) | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg
@missmarionmassacre | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg

Tigz worked overtime before Christmas to get everything edited for the ladies, and the results are as expected – absolutely stunning. So, I thought I’d share some of the photos from the sessions as theses beautiful women deserve lots of admiration! (There’s several women not featured on here if they weren’t comfortable with their photos being online or if they are waiting for publications that are featuring them)

Anna (@ladylarose) | Hotel Pigalle, Gothenburg
Sanna (@sanni67) | Foxy Vixen’s Beauty Parlour, Helsinki

One of the things that I really love about these shoots is that often, our clients won’t have ever done a photoshoot before. Some of them have never even had their hair and makeup done professionally so it’s a whole new experience.
There’s often a lot of nerves which is completely understandable but the wonderful thing is watching them absolutely blossom over the hour of the photoshoot from slightly nervous and sometimes awkward to oozing confidence, sass and owning the posing like nobody’s business!

Kati (@dizzydazzling) | Foxy Vixen’s Beauty Parlour, Helsinki
Florrie (@florrievoncloudberry) | Foxy Vixen’s Beauty Parlour, Helsinki

I feel very honoured to have got to work with these sweet women, they really made the experience for me just truly special.

Riikka (@oopsycaramel) | Foxy Vixen’s Beauty Parlour, Helsinki
@_spicy.strawbery_ | Paris
Mademoiselle Jolie | Paris

Paris was our last stop and Tigz and I had a bit of a teary farewell as it was also near when I was moving back to New Zealand (she’s UK based). But we weren’t going to let that be the end of it, and we are currently finalizing plans for another tour in Europe in May AND Europe/UK in September. So stay tuned and follow us on social media for announcements!

@ditavonfrite | Paris
Léa (@missvintageblackbird) | Paris

I would like to also extend a big THANK YOU to Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg for taking such good care of us again after our first trip there last March. And to Foxy Vixen’s Beauty Parlour in Helsinki which we absolutely did not want to leave – Joy’s home was incredibly beautiful and the perfect place for photoshoots.

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