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Leopard Skirted Swimsuit | COLLECTIF x PLAYFUL PROMISES

I am so excited to be sharing my first swimsuit post in YEARS, and I am absolutely smitten with not only how the photos have turned out, but also the swimsuit itself!

Collectif Clothing and Playful Promises are both fantastic brands on their own, but they’ve joined forces to create a swoon-worthy swimsuit line for the upcoming European summer… and thankfully with enough time for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere to get some wear out of them before the winter sets in.

The Collectif x Playful Promises Collection features a range of both one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, in three prints and 2 solid colourways. I couldn’t resist the leopard print for this collaboration, so that’s what I picked out.

Now, having to order swimsuits online is one of those things that can be quite off-putting for some, so buckle up for a longer post as I’m going to try and be as in-depth as possible!

To start with, I think it’s important to mention some of my body shape traits: Firstly, I am quite long in the torso, which affects the fit somewhat (I’ll delve into that later).
I’m also a pear shape and so have a smaller top half compared to my bottom half – my current measurements are 34″/ 30DD bra size at the bust, 25″ at the waist and my hips are about 40″. So in terms of sizing, I tend to be a UK size 8 on top but a 10-12 on the bottom.

Playful Promises sent me both the Bikini and this Skirted Swimsuit to try. I really liked that the Bikini pieces are able to be bought separately which makes it easier on those of us who do need different sizes for the top or bottom. Unfortunately though, the sizing just didn’t quite fit right for my body shape -the size 8 Balcony Top fitted great around my torso, but the cup size was too small. The size 10 High Waist Brief fitted better, but because of my long torso, they just hit me at a slightly awkward spot, about a inch below my belly button.

I would have loved to have seen individual cup sizes for the Balcony Top, or at least have a tie fixture at the back so that I could have sized up in the cup but tightened the band size. However, looking at the other styles of the Bikinis available, I think that maybe either of the other bikini top styles would be a good fit for my shape as the cups aren’t as moulded (the Jungle Balcony Top’s padding can be removed) and the size 8 would have still worked.

If you need some more guidance on what size will work best for you, take a look at the advice on the Playful Promises website for each style as they list a suggested size depending on your bra cup size.

That all being said, I do love that the straps are removable AND adjustable which are really good features for a bikini this style. And while the padded cups didn’t quite work in my favour, I still really love this feature in a swimsuit as they make me feel much more secure.

I’m happy to say that the Leopard Skirted Swimsuit worked much better for me! I’m wearing a size UK10 to accommodate my hips but this also means that the cups are a size bigger and fit me much better. The adjustable straps are a godsend for me with my long torso as I can loosen them a little to allow more room. I absolutely LOVE the skirted feature of this swimsuit and especially that it’s only attached at the underbust and not along the side seams like a lot of these style swimsuits can be.
Another thing to note, that as someone with a well-endowed behind, I feel like there is ample coverage and also the tops of my thighs won’t strangled by the leg holes.

The Swimsuit is great quality and the leopard print is a gorgeous one – I love the contrast band of black along the top and that’s what helped bring together the inspiration for styling – obviously this look is more for lounging glamorously poolside over actual swimming, but it was fun to create such a ‘extra’ vibe for the swimsuit which is what I feel it deserved.

Leopard Skirted Swimsuit | Playful Promises
Shoes | Pinup Couture
Hat | True Vintage
Belt | Tatyana
Sunglasses | The Oblong Box Shop
Hair Flowers | Fran Robertson
Earrings | Bow and Crossbones
Bangles | Splendette / Bow and Crossbones

The Leopard Skirted Swimsuit is £70 and comes in sizes 8-18. Playful Promises have a £5.95 recorded delivery for the UK and £10 shipping for international orders – spend over £75 and shipping is free!

Thank you to Elizabeth J Pin Up Photographer for another stunning set of images. And thank you to our friend Mat from Hero Car Hire LTD for letting us use his pool for the morning!

If you’d like to win a set from the Collectif x Playful Promises Swimsuit Collection, thanks to the team at Playful Promises, a giveaway will be starting on my Instagram page later today!

Disclaimer: While this blog post is sponsored by Playful Promises, this does not affect my opinion and all statements are honest and my own.

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