Why I left YouTube…

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything on YouTube but in today’s new video, I’ve tried to explain what was going on in my life and some of the things that zapped my drive to create content for my channel.

So if you are interested, please go and watch it as it’s just something I wanted to get off my chest before I start trying to film more in 2019!

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  1. So glad you’ll be creating YouTube content again! Go at the pace that is right for you. I learn a lot from your videos and appreciate you taking the time to go through each step.

  2. Your sponge roller set tutorial was the first one I watched when I began my vintage journey. I think it was very informative and complete. Not too long at all! All the videos are a wonderful way to learn for those if us that cant attend the workshops. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I have found your videos to be excellent, both makeup and hair. I appreciate the way you do take the time to explain stuff, look forward to future videos. Thanks Nahleen

  4. Haters will always hate, try not to let it get to you 😉 And for sure always think of what is right for you and take the time you need! I love your videos long or short, and am looking forward to the new content!

  5. I love your videos. I really love the detail that you go into, it really helps a beginner like mw to figure out what I am doing.
    I’m so sorry that the negativity got to you. You are only human, very close to being a disney princess but still human. I wish people would stick to the old saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. There are so many wonderful things about you, your videos, your posts and everything.
    You are an incredible inspiration to a beginning pinup. I love your style but more than that is your lovely personality and kindness.
    Really looking forward to seeing more videos and more content..
    Goodluck with adjusting being back in NZ

  6. As a starting Pinup gal your videos were the most informative and gave me the knowledge to feel comfortable in my new style. I love your positive attitude and your such a great role model for women & young ladies! Keep making your videos, they are so often the best part of my day! ❤❤❤

  7. I would love to know where to get good foam rollers and setting lotion, also see a wet set tutorial aswell that would be fabulous. Thanks M

  8. Ella x thanks for being so open and honest. Over the years not only have I popped in and out of your hair tutorials for my own sake, but don’t know how many times I’ve referred people, clients to your hair tutorials x
    I would love to see videos of your vegan dishes aka abit like Jamie’s 15 minute meals. Also your gym routines would be handy. Take care, you’re an icon remember that xx love Lady KH

  9. I left a comment on your video (as Emily Kitsch) but wanted to leave one here, too, to give you a little more love and positivity. I know how hard it can be to shake off negative comments and criticism, and ignoring it is easier said than done.

    The people who say your tutorials are too long should just watch any of the dozens of super short tutorials out there. Personally I love longer tutorials due to the double whammy of having a difficult time learning new things due to my learning disability and also being a massive nerd who loves learning about things in as much detail and depth as possible. Your videos are perfect for me and I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into spreading your knowledge and talent to us.

    I don’t really have suggestions for tutorials or anything like that, but would like more informal chats like this recent video. Even though the topics were some tough ones, I really did like getting more of a glimpse into you and your life.

    Whatever you do, remember it’s okay to take a break, or to do things at your own pace, the most important person to take care of is you, so don’t worry about putting out a ton of content. As there has been more and more discussion lately about Youtubers burning out, it has really opened my eyes to how much incredibly hard work and pressure can be involved in all of this and what kind of an effect that can have on people. I know that even though I’ve followed you for awhile now on both this blog and my last one, I’m mostly a quiet follower, but I care about you all the same. I think I probably speak for a lot of your followers when I say I’d rather you take time off from all of this when you need to so that you can take care of yourself, than have you getting burnt out by it all. You’re a truly lovely, sweet and talented woman and you create incredible content – but remember that you are worth so much more than any social media content. ❤❤

    Sending you so much love.

  10. I actually didn’t realize you had YouTube videos as I came across you on Instagram during your break. But I think it’s so cool that you chose to share your journey with us and update us. A lot of people could have just been, “hey y’all I’m back.”

    I’m also really excited to check out your previous videos because your description of your process and style seem right up my alley. I’m still fairly new at vintage styling and hair is totally my downfall! My mom helps me with my hair, and she’s just a supportive mom not a hairdresser, so with some of the tutorials while we get it in theory, we get lost in practice. I liked that you tall about the details and especially troubleshooting if stuff goes wrong! So I will be subscribing to your channel right after I finish this post!

    As far as suggestions for new content, hmm…
    I took a quick peek at your current videos and I’d be interested in how you get your haircut to do your styling and/or options for cuts for vintage styles. I also really like your blog posts where you review dresses because it helps me figure out what brands are worth looking into, so maybe something like that in video form? And with accessories too…I feel like no one really talks about where they get their accessories.

    And I’ll stop rambling now, haha! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that people have been nasty with the comments on YouTube. I’ve always loved your content, when I have time to watch/read your blog and videos. I really don’t understand why some people choose to be so negative. The way I see it, is if something doesn’t apply to me, I scroll away, or click on something else that might be more interesting to me–there’s no one making them watch to the end, or that they need to say something about them. Sending hugs, I’m glad you’ll give this another go <3

  12. Sorry to hear that you’ve gone through this, negativity sucks and it’s so not called for I think. Everyone is different and has their own take on these things, no one person is right or wrong, it’s just a new or different way of doing something. I honestly love watching long or short videos, and even the same type of thing but through different bloggers, it’s great to learnt from several people and take something different away from each. So glad to hear you’ll be coming back though. Just be you, because she rocks! I’d love to see a more in depth video of your eye makeup 🙂 Welcome back!! xx

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