5 Year Wedding Anniversary

Time flies when you are having fun, right? It’s crazy to think that April 11th marked Matt and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary!

We had initially planned on celebrating by doing a cheesy vow renewal in Las Vegas since that was where Matt proposed, but that didn’t work out because of general life and finances.

The thing is, even though when we were married we had been together for 7 years or so, we were still pretty young – 24 and 25. We were really ready to make that commitment to eachother official and had the most amazing wedding surrounded by our family and friends.
5 years on, we have both grown immensely as individuals and as a couple. We are still the same people that we were in 2014, but just a little wiser and even more committed to eachother. I am not going to get too sappy and lovey-dovey, but I will say that even when he drives me bonkers, I love this man so very much.

So, to mark the 5 years, we (well mostly me, let’s be honest) decided to do another ‘wedding’ photoshoot. Of course, I love our original wedding photos that Caron Nicole Photography took (you can see some of them here), but when you spend thousands on a wedding dress, it does seem a little silly to never wear it again!

It was really fun to be able to take a new, fresh set of photos in my wedding dress and veil, styled a bit differently to how I did the first time. My Mum happened to be visiting from overseas at the time too, so she came along to help be the dress/veil wrangler!
As for Matt, well he would not have fitted his original suit even if we had it (it was hired anyway), so he wore oh-so-dapper set by Some Like It Holy. I absolutely adore him in this outfit, he’s just so darn handsome!

The other special thing about this shoot was that my good friend Elizabeth J Photography was the one who took them. We’ve done countless shoots together and just ‘get’ each other so perfectly, that there would be no one else that I would have wanted.

Taken in the beautiful Highwic, these photos are exactly what I imagined. Highwic is a nestled away in the central suburb of Newmarket and was actually one of the locations we had looked at for our wedding! It didn’t work out just due to our guest list being too large, so it’s lovely to return for this. If you are planning a Auckland wedding and need a stunning venue with a vintage aesthetic, then I would really encourage you to look at Highwic – they also have beautiful grounds and fabulous spots to take your photos.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for these absolutely gorgeous pictures that I love so very much – it was a honor to have you do them.

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  1. So lovely to see Matt join you for some photos – he looks great!! You both have changed/grown so much since your wedding. It’s so fun to see the difference and how far you’ve come. Cheers to 5 years!!

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