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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2020! It feels like there is a bit of a resurgence for 20s fashion since we are entering the decade again which is quite fun and it will be interesting to see if that continues throughout the year.

My first post for the new decade is one that I’ve been really looking forward to sharing and it’s something I’ve not really done before… LATEX!

This word has always terrified me, I envisioned being wrapped in thick, stiff, unforgiving plastic that would make me sweat like cardio day at the gym. But when I was over on the Gold Coast in late October, I had the honour of getting to shoot a incredible outfit custom made to my measurements by none other than Polished Pinup! And let me just say, latex was not at all what I was expecting – sure, I got a bit sweaty to begin with but it eased off! And the latex itself is almost buttery in feeling and has a incredible amount of stretch to it that is far more flattering that I had previously thought it would be!

I have admired Polished Pinups work for years – I think the first time I saw one of her designs was on my ghoulishly gorgeous friend Bettie Rage in her custom set. Since then, I’ve loved her flair for creating a mix of sassy and edgy pieces but often still with a feminine frill, bow or flower. You can really see the inspiration behind a lot of her work is anywhere from the 1940s to the 1980s but with a fresh spin on things!

The set that was made for me was this incredible baby pink power suit reminiscent of the heavy 40s influence during the 1980s. It was adorned with delicate frills and shoulder tassels and hugged in all the right places! The shape of the skirt when laid flat was phenomenal – it literally was shaped in this giant hourglass curve so that it would shape to my waist and my hips perfectly. This set definitely felt like it embodied Polished Pinups signature style of timelessness, sophistication and polish.

The fact that this suit matches the shoot location – The Pink Flamingo Gold Coast – was no coincidence. Polished Pinup designed and created this set with this extraordinary venue in mind since we knew that would be where we would shoot it – and aren’t the photos taken by Pinned Photography just incredible? We shot this after finishing up two days of makeover and photoshoot sessions and we were like kids in a candy store!

If you would like to chat to Polished Pinup about a custom order, you can either get in touch via her Instagram @polishedpinup or via her newly relaunched website

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Kelly from Pinned Photography for these gorgeous photos and to The Pink Flamingo on the Gold Coast for having us for 2 days! If you get the chance to see their show, it’s absolutely breathtaking and such a fun night out!

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  1. All these photos are totally amazing…the coloring,the background.
    This model’s shape is beyond belief…the legs,hips and unreal waist.Beautiful dress,shoes and hair.
    Just beautiful.!!
    Dr T.J.

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