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Ask Miss Victory Violet- Petticoats

Dear Miss Victory Violet! I want to buy my first swing style dress, but when it comes to petticoats i’m at a slight loss. What advice or brand recommendations do you have for petticoats? I don’t want something itchy and poof-less, and I’m willing to pay for great quality […]

Ask Miss Victory Violet- Stockings

Dear Miss Victory Violet, Your legs always look really great! Even when you are wearing nylons, you cannot tell that you are actually wearing nylons! What brand do you usually wear? (maybe you could do a small segment on the various hosiery you wear for various occasions?) Many […]

Ask Miss Victory Violet- Hair Care

Dear Miss Victory Violet, Hi doll! Whilst long my hair is dry, brittle, limp & lifeless (years of straightening). What sort of hair routine would you suggest to get my long locks back to healthy & lustrous state so I can start to do those fabulous hair tutorials […]