Category: True Vintage

Vintage in Mayfield Lavender

There’s this terrible thing about buying true vintage. It’s that it’s really, REALLY hard to say no if you find something that you love in your size because if you pass it up, you are probably never going to have that chance again. I get caught out like […]

The Dress of Dreams

Buying true vintage is all about the hunt but when you live somewhere like New Zealand and quality vintage is hard to find, the hunting sometimes needs to be carried out online. Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the vintage spoils on offer […]

New Orleans True Vintage

During our trip to the USA in April/May, I was always on the lookout for vintage shops and quite often googled ahead of arriving in a city about which shops to seek out (I’ve created a list of all the best ones I’ve visited here). Vintage shopping in […]

Papermoon to CurvyCouture

Back in May, I had the best day of shopping of my entire life. We were in Los Angeles and visited so many incredible vintage boutiques that I was in absolute heaven. I snagged some amazing pieces, but one of my purchases was a couple of metres of […]

Vintage Watercolour Silk

Today I am bringing you a dress that I’ve been dying to share for months now! I bought it way back at the start of the year on the Ooh La La! Vintage Sell and Swap Group on Facebook have been waiting for the right occasion to either […]

Black Vintage Lace

Last month I was hanging out at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people- Tock Tick Vintage with Lavonny and Elizabeth J Photography! We had just finished up shooting for The Ultimate Pinup Experience with a lovely lady from Wellington and I was trying […]

Midcentury Cinderella

Disney makes me happy. Vintage makes me happy. Combine the two and you’ll find this 26 year old twirling around like a little girl. I would like to tell you the tale of how I became the owner of this utterly beautiful vintage dress. It was January 11th […]

Worldwide Vintage Shopping Guide

As I was travelling through the USA this time and hunting down every vintage shop possible, I thought it would be great to create vintage shopping guide for all the places I’ve visited. Now, obviously this could become a VERY long list, so I’ve really only included stores […]