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Black Friday Sales and Tips 

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in America and as each year goes by, more and more international businesses jump on the bandwagon meaning everyone gets to snag a bargain. Always on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it’s known for making headlines due to unruly and violent behaviour […]

My 2015 Highlights!

Well. 2015 has been a stellar year. Exactly a year ago, I posted a similar blog to this one, named ‘2014- The Best Year Of My Life’… but I think this year has managed to top it. Last year, I hit some major milestones like winning Miss Pinup […]

A-Z November Round-Up!

Art work of the month… This awesome piece by @sheardo on Instagram of Matt and I! Before and After of the month… I had sooooo many good ones to choose from but I absolutely loved this cut and colour I did on Gemma. Couldn’t live without… My oh-s0 dapper husband, […]

A-Z October Round-Up!

Art work of the month… My friend Sylvanna / Miss Scarlet In The Ballroom never fails to impress me with her creations. I just love seeing her new works of art pop up on my newsfeed! Before and after of the month… I had some real beautiful before/afters […]