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The Pinup Traveller!

On March 27th this year, my husband and I set out for the biggest adventure of our lives! We spent 6 weeks travelling around the world visiting Tahiti, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, NYC, Reykjavik, Paris, Newcastle, London, Ireland and Tokyo. When telling people about this trip, one […]

Our Wedding Video!

Hard to believe it’s been over 7 months now since Matt and I got married! This year is flying by and our focus since the wedding has been saving for our big 6-week long, round the world honeymoon in March 2015! I am so excited to be able […]

A Very Vintage Wedding Dress- Part Three

This is the final part in the Vintage Wedding Dress series. Make sure you catch up on Part One and Part Two! Today I’m focussing more on the readily accessible, budget friendly dresses that are available from popular vintage reproduction websites. There are numerous, vintage reproduction brands out […]

Our Weekend In Queenstown!

My husband and I have just come back from a absolutely fabulous long weekend in Queenstown which is in the South Island of New Zealand, about a 1hr 50mins flight from our hometown Auckland. We were up at 5am Thursday morning to catch our 7am flight… but my […]

Mirror, Mirror!

A few months ago, I came up with the idea of holding a body confidence seminar. A event where women would come to learn about body positivity and hopefully take that next step towards accepting themselves for who they are and their bodies for how they look. With […]