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Pin Up Passion Makeup Brushes

Apparently a girl can never have too many makeup brushes! My collection seems to be slowly growing and the hunt is always on for affordable brushes that won’t break the bank. I’ve seen the Pin Up Passion brushes around for quite some time now, so I thought I […]

Barbie Pink Lips with Lime Crime

Whilst my usual lipstick is a shade of red, occasionally I love mixing it up and wearing a bright, barbie pink shade! My favourite has to be Lime Crime’s Pink Velvet Velvetine liquid lipstick with their opaque lipstick shade of Centrifushia over the top. Lime Crime’s Velvetine liquid […]

Antipodes Mineral Foundation

A couple of months ago, I was given some of the Antipodes Mineral Foundation to try. My past experience with skin sensitivities had meant that I have tried a couple of different mineral foundations (mainly powders) in a attempt to put something gentle on my skin. The ones […]

Beautiful Besame

If you haven’t heard of Besame Cosmetics yet, you really are in for a treat! Founded in 2004, they recreate classic luxury makeup from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The packaging, colour range and classic styling is so gorgeous, you really must try it! The first products […]

Liquid Liner Flicks

Liquid eyeliner flicks are regarded as one of the trickiest makeup looks to achieve. There’s no easy way to do it, it takes lots of practice and patience! I’ve been doing liquid eyeliner flicks since I first started doing makeup at about 17 so I’ve had 7 years […]

My Top 3 Red Lipsticks!

Finding a favourite red lipstick is like finding the holy grail. I try not to think about the possible future when my favourite shade could be discontinued as that would cause severe anxiety!!! I get asked a lot about what my favourite lipstick is so thought it was […]

Pinup Perfect Base

The key to any makeup look is a good base, especially with the pinup look. I’ve tried lots of different combinations of primers/liquid foundations/powder foundations and think I’ve found the perfect one (for my skin anyway). I love a matte finish to my foundation but as I am […]