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A Touch of Luxury | HOTEL PIGALLE

A few weeks ago I was in Gothenburg for my Hair and Makeup Workshops and for the first time, Tigz Rice and I teamed up to offer a makeover and photoshoot package on a international level! When looking for a location to use for the photoshoots in Gothenburg, […]

London Life | ONE YEAR ON

It’s hard to believe it but last week marked a year since Matt and I moved to the UK. When August 15th came, I was filled with a lot of mixed emotions: happiness in reflecting on what a incredible year it’s been, pride for what I’ve achieved, learnt […]

Fontaines | Behind The Scenes

I’ve got another Behind The Scenes video for you all since I loved putting together my recent Cahoots one! This time it’s set at Fontaines Bar in London during my recent shoot there with Ever Photography. It’s a gorgeous Art Deco inspired bar with a Tiki style room […]

The Power You Hold

When I was 12 and in the midst of blossoming into puberty, I went ice skating with my best friend one weekend. I wore a pale blue zip up tracksuit sweater with matching pants and don’t remember being too self conscious of my body at this age but […]

The Problem With Hormones…

Today’s post is something a little more personal than usual programming but I thought it would be a interesting topic to write about and share. About 3 months ago, I decided that after nearly 10 years of being on the contraceptive pill, I no longer wanted to pop […]

Celebrating 10 Years

October 4th is the day thatĀ Matt and I celebrate getting together and today it’s a huge 10 years! It’s actually not the anniversary of our first date as that was Friday the 13th and I didn’t think that would be the best omen. So we celebrate our first […]