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Ocean Vibes | ERSTWILDER

It’s been a while since my last Erstwilder post but I’m back with another edition of Ocean Vibes. This collection sees the return of a couple of fan favourites, but also some adorable new characters to adorn your sweater! In true Erstwilder style, there’s a abundant mix of […]


One of the perils of getting to model for companies like TopVintage is that inevitably, you end up falling in love with countless dresses! (Although let’s be fair, it’s a ‘peril’ in the best kind of way!) I love travelling to TopVintage HQ in The Netherlands as they […]

Violet & Green | Emmy Designs

Tartans and plaids have slowly taken over my winter wardrobe over the years thanks to their versatility and multiple colour combination options! While floral prints can be a little harder to pull off in winter if you have to wear black tights to keep warm, a plaid is […]

1940s House of Foxy

I’ve been following The House of Foxy and their beautiful designs for many years now, even from back when they were called 20th Century Foxy. I’ve always loved how their focus is more of the true reproduction vintage and that they offer so many lovely 30s and 40s […]

Kingfisher Harlequin + Winged Pockets

As much as I love bright colours, I’m also a huge fan of slightly more subdued, earthy tones like mustard, tans and deep reds. So, when I spotted that the Miss Fortune Bobbie Jumper Kingfisher Blue¬†combined both a gorgeously bright blue with mustard and red, this unusual combination […]

The Venus-Cathy Dress

I’ve developed a little bit of a obsession with anything with embroidery on it. I just adore running my hands over it and feeling those smooth textured bumps. Plus, most embroidery on vintage tends to be floral and we all know how I feel about that! Most of […]

The Candy Stripe Priscilla Dress

Wearing bright colours is such a wonderful pick-me-up, it’s hard to not feel happy when putting on a beautifully vibrant outfit. Normally though for me, it’s limited to a palette of 2-3 colours so getting to wear a entire rainbow is a real treat! The Candy Stripe Priscilla […]

The Charlotte Dress by Lady V London

As someone who gets ‘dressed up’ everyday, my wardrobe¬†doesn’t feature a lot of casual attire. When I’m looking for something that I can dress down, I usually reach for a plainer style swing dress that’s also super comfortable. I can tell that The Charlotte Dress by Lady V […]

Crimson Clover Obi Dress

Trashy Diva is one of the oldest vintage reproduction brands and one I have admired from afar but only recently acquired some pieces. The sizes of each piece seems to vary which combined with the higher prices (and expensive shipping) has put me off doing a order for […]